Changes in Airbnb search algoritm?

I have been renting out for three year. The house is located waterfront by the dock in a small cozy charming fishing village. The last days I received three booking requests that all asked how far it was to a touristic beach that is 10 km from the hose. This beach is very touristic with concrete high rising tourist complex. I attract people that try to avoid this type of tourist traps. My guest never goes to this beach since there is a much nicer beach 300 meter from my house, and this is described in the listing.
This has never happened before, now all last three bookings asks about the proximity to the touristic beach and means of transportation to go to this beach. Any ide why this is happening, it can’t be a coincident? Has Airbnb changed the search function or what is going on? My rate is at least the double compared to a same size listing on the touristic beach.

Probably the search for the touristy beach has started including your place, but unfortunately we will never exactly know about AirBnB’s algorithms and why they do what they do.

What I do know, is that by cosmic law :grin: these things always come in groups. You can already prepare a standardized message for the next time it happens. The message should include a short answer to the question and of course sell them on the beach closeby which is much better than where they want to go.

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I fear that you are right. I have until this week received no bookings for 2019. Last year at the same time I had 4 bookings. The problem is that I don’t what the clients that are looking forward to do to a party place to stay at my place.

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Case closed- Europe’s largest Urban festival is hold the first week of August at the beach. There are basically no rooms available this dates. I would have appreciated if Airbnb had informed us about the shortage of rooms for this period. They can easily see this coming.

They – Airbnb – cannot see a Festival or other event coming. They do not look for such things in your city or nywhere else in the world. That is not their job. Their job is to market your place to the world. YOUR job is to identify your local markets and events and take advantage of them… YOU should have known this Festival was coming and doubled your rates!!


Sorry for not being clear. Of because Airbnb cannot keep track of festivals etc. But what they do is to keep close track of booking status for their rental population, and this could be shared in occasions like this when they see the booking rate exploding.

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