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Changes in airbnb search algorithm



@jaquo i was always providing the eatery info to my guest like a local guide, i have to study how to make it like a travel blog probably


@JohnF i am using superhosttools.com which one do you use?


Just an example I’m planning my trip to Canary Islands. There is not a single blog with itineraries on how to cover 5 islands in 15 days. Lots of info all over the place. Yet, simple and consise info routes, transportation, and islands hopping - nada de nada :slight_smile:

20mln visitors per year! More than Paris…


I don’t. Simply don’t have the need for one, two apartments, two platforms and synced calendars, it’s not overly complicated.



@JohnF how do you caharge guests from BDC - that was a pain for me so far


@summerfun @jaquo Well it is clear for me now that there is unlimited opportunity of writing a good article, i even could probably handle that, but making any attractive photo or even a selfie is extremely challenging for me. That is the reason i deleted my facebook and instagram couple years ago - it just s_ck_d. Do you think it is a good idea for looking for existing bloggers and paying them for advertisements? or it is too expensive/ does not worth it?


Let them take care of it. Money in the bank a week or so after check in.

Or do you charge as in pricing?



@JohnF Ic, i live in Thailand they do not collect money for hosts around here yet. They started this campaign but then closed it


@JohnF do you charge guests security deposit as bdc dont have host guarantee


Pixabay is the way to go. Nobody can sell better your stuff then you. Plus you will learn SEO, SEM, and lots of other good things.
Partnering with good blog is a great idea if this makes sense financially. In most cases it’s too expensive.


I use them a lot. There are several similar sites too. You can use Wikipedia and Flickr images if you attribute them.

@Ivan_Joorevic - some bloggers will publish your articles at no charge. Getting a ready-made article, especially if photographs are included is often appreciated. I accept guest posts gladly. And they don’t have to be lengthy. To generalise, readers want to know ‘what is it, when is it, where is it?’ A map, for instance, can explain directions better than words can and Google maps are easy to add to a web article.


i’m sure I sound stupid, but what is BDC?


As many others have reported here, tweaking the listing regularly does seem to have an effect. Just this morning I was reading how number of views isn’t available again and bookings have fallen off the cliff, etc. Most of Oct, Nov, and Dec is blocked off for a direct booking client but I have most Saturdays available and this upcoming Fri-Mon. I didn’t get booked this past Saturday but I did the weekend before despite so many days being blocked.

So I went in and tweaked prices, extra person fee, deleted a couple of pictures, and opened it up to a max 4 night stay from 2 night as it had been. Within an hour I have a booking for Fri/Sat. Anecdotal? Yes. Coincidental? Maybe. But this has been my experience multiple times.

What is different this fall compared to the past is that the blocked dates don’t seem to be keeping me from getting bookings on the dates that are available.


@K9KarmaCasa I too have noticed this. I always change something in my listings every 2 days. The ranks just keep on getting higher. I am 90% sure the booking is not coincidental.


Probably Booking.com

Use ststays.com They will help you integrate with booking.com. Last time I did it, they were offering it free of cost


Yep. BDC is Booking Dot Com
My apologies for the confusion.


@Stpetersburg booking.com


@truecomforthomes I checked the ststays.com website it seems they list you on booking.com and Expedia and charge extra 10% commission above? is it how it works?


I had used them long back, they were free at the time , even their webiste looked different back then
Currently they are charging 10% to the guest as per their site. This fees is over and above the 15% booking.com will charge you
They are not worth 10% according to me. You can directly list your home/property on
Booking.com. No need to go to ststays.com.
Free was a better price for them as they are not offering much value.



well they might worth it if booking.com do not pay you and they collect the payment for you

just if it is 25% total price above your regular listing price you will have to provide guest hourly cleaning and free massage

so you mostly right it probably doesnt worth it

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