Change Room Set Up?

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I’m new to AirBnB and rent two rooms in my home. One has a queen and the other two twins. The queen gets booked constantly. I outfitted the other room for kids or friends travelling. I own a vineyard and advertise to wine tourists. I live onsite also.

The queen gets booked approximately 4 times as the room with twins.

Should I consider replacing the twins with a queen to attract more couples?

From what you’ve said I would think you’ve identified your market as being predominantly adults and, by the sounds of it, couples mostly who’d share a bed. I think it’d make sense to change it up and try a queen/double bed in the other room. You’d only need to at least match the 1/4 bookings with minimal outlay to change the bed.

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Do you have three listings? Room A, Room B, Room A and B. I think the twin bed room would be more popular if booked together with the other.

This is a great idea!!! The families that have stayed booked both separately. Kind’ve inconvenient perhaps. Thanks.

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Good business idea!!! Most of my guests have been adults or couples. Thanks.

There are also ways to turn two twins into a single king bed. Google it and see if you think that would work for you


Thanks for the suggestion.

We have the same set up, thinking we would get Mum Dad + 2 kids, but we get all sorts of combinations. If our queen is booked, we don’t offer the singles separately. We only accept 1 party at a time, whether that be 1, 2, 3 or 4 people.

It sounds like you allow multiple parties, in which case the 3 separate listings idea sounds great. You’ll just have to manage it a little and block the 2+2 listing if one of the 2’s goes on certain dates.

Also, if you are looking to buy a new bed anyway, get 2 singles that can lash together, rather than tying yourself into a queen.



You can easily sync calendars between listings

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You can always turn 2 twin beds into one king. I stayed once in a hotel where twin beds were tiny. Though it was only me I wanted a bigger bed. And housekeeper came and magically turned it into big bed within minutes. I don’t remember exactly what he did but I didn’t even feel that 2 beds were just pulled together .

Or you can advertise as an addition to queen bed .

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Maybe this is what is commonly done, but you need Twin XL beds to create a king, otherwise it is too short.

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I am a huge fan of the Ikea daybed that goes from couch to twin bed to king. It looks pretty classy for the price.