Change Cancellation Policy

I hadn’t changed my cancellation policy from moderate.(for winter) to Strict ( for summer) and got a great booking for August. I’m worried about accepting so far in advance. Can I , and how do I offer them accepting , with the proviso that it is a strict cancellation?

I guess if they already booked (<> inquired), that the cancellation policy that was active while they booked totally stands and that there isn’t a lot you can do.

To prevent this in the future:
OR don’t change your cancelation policy.
OR don’t open up your calendar that far in advance.

Pick your poison :smiling_imp:!

Edit: If it’s an inquiry. Change your policy now. Tell them a small lie about a glitch in the system and ask them to inquire again. And then accept.

. I wish there were a way to set cancellation by season.

Strict is hardly strict. The guest gets half back only 7 days out.


If they’ve booked, you’re “stuck” with the existing cancellation policy, but can change everything else.

I would not worry about it, very easy for a Guest to cancel with a full refund if they really want to.

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I have never had a guest who made a mention that the cancellation policy was a factor in their decisions when booking - except later, when they want to cancel…


If you are in Europe, it looks like they have just had a brutal change to the cancellation policy. Strict now means basically you can cancel for any reason and get a full refund, and get half even during the stay for any reason. Has not seemed to change in the US.