Certified ESAs?

This is happening in Orange County. It doesn’t help with hair mess/other dog damage but it’s better than a fake ESA.

Would it be good if training cert were required to bring an ESA to your “no animals” STR?

Would it make you feel any better about it? For me…I might at least not feel like I’m being had, but I’d still be feeling funky since animals are against my HRs.

Well, it would definitely be a vast improvement over the free-for-all it is now. But of course Airbnb could maintain its stance that guests don’t have to disclose an assistance animal nor can the host ask for any sort of proof.

And just because the dog is well trained, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to sleep on the bed, or the owner is going to pick up the dog poop in the yard, so it would still be a no from me.

Well, took the wind right out of my sails :joy:. I just don’t understand why they push and push this down our throats. Sigh.

We’re dog friendly anyway but I could see something like this being relevant to some hosts. Personally, I think that the Canine Good Citizen certification should be good enough for a host to accept a dog. Imagine if you could have a guest that is certified to have good behaviour? Why wouldn’t you want that guest?

If there was something similar to certify children’s behavior then I would allow children with that certification to stay.


Honestly, Air is shoving this down our throats, but at least this is a step in the right direction.

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How about something to certify good parenting! Now, that’d be a game changer! :joy:

As someone who travels with a disabled family member and service dog, and also trains service dogs for a local service dog organization, I fully understand the desire for certification, but the idea of small local certification organizations seems like a really bad idea. Who certifies them? There are already any number of outfits that sell official looking, but meaningless certificates. There is a national organization that provides accreditation for service dog training centers : Assistance dogs international. That would be just about the only place I am aware of that might have the expertise, but there are far too many service dogs for them to certify, and there are quite a few well trained service dogs that were trained by owners rather than organizations ( and far too many that wer not trained well, or are outright frauds).

So, while it would be great to have a meaningful certification process, i don’t know what that would look like. I don’t see any current standards or processes to make for a meaningful certification. That’s different from the “ good citizen” test that just checks for basic behaviors that would be expected in any trained pet.


Thanks for sharing this CGC. I never heard of it.
I have a service dog in training for myself but our profile shows we don’t allow dogs unless they’re service dogs.
We actually will allow a clean well behaved dog and have had no problems with dogs as guests but we try to limit so we profile that we don’t allow dogs, even though we will under good circumstances.