Cautiously optimistic

This is the opposite of a vent. I just had a no-show. Three nights!
Not one word from them in over a year.
We’re in Canada. They’re Americans, and they booked last year when the stay-at-home order was lifted but the borders were still shut. I had IB on for locals (that’s a vent in itself, but I digress), with no thought that someone would book from away.
It was work getting them to see reason. I sent links, waited for responses. They didn’t want to cancel, so decided to reschedule. When did I think the borders would open? I had no idea. They decided on same time next year and I approved it. All was well.
A week ago, I sent the usual message with instructions and a question. Nothing. My day 1 and day 3 messages were just to get it in the messaging that a stay hadn’t happened.
I know! They will claim Covid – I think they have until the end of May to do that? - - or something and that will be the end of my money-for-nothing. In the meantime, I’m tossing it in the air and laughing.


Can you claim Covid after the fact ?

After the guest doesn’t show and doesn’t communicate? Likely would depend on which CS rep handled the case, like so many other refund requests.

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When was the last time that you heard from them. Perhaps something happened that made an Airbnb reservation and messaging thread the last thing on their mind.

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Yes. I know a host in my area to whom this happened.

I last heard from them a year ago. My messages of concern to them over the last week were not merely (or entirely) “messaging theatre” for the sake of future CS inspection. I have been truly concerned, but without an answer, I don’t know. It was like pulling teeth a year ago to get them to answer/make decisions, etc. I would get messages like, “Yes, I saw your message, but I was thinking about what to do,” days late, while the originally-booked check-in day was looming. It may just not have seemed important to them to answer this time.
We’ll see. I’ll update if I get a sad tale or any tale at all. I won’t get too attached to this easy payout. :wink:

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@lawre it looks like you did everything right - even sending warnings. They chose to keep your place reserved for them, so you didn’t have any chance of another booking. Therefore you deserve to get your full payout (though I’d likely refund the cleaning costs).

Last fall I got a message from a UK travel agent who had lost lodging for a multi-family trip and was desperate to find a place that everyone would fit in. He wondered if we would guarantee a refund if the guests couldn’t come due to restrictions up to a month prior. I told them I would give a refund only if the dates were rebooked. They didn’t book with us… don’t know what they did.

I actually changed my direct-bookings policies to get a higher up-front deposit and more advanced full payout. We are hosts, not a travel insurance agency. If we block off dates so that nobody living closer can book that time it should be their insurance that covers the cost for changes, not us.


I have a follow-up. No mention of Covid!
On Friday it was a week since the review period expired. Late Friday night I got a message from the guest saying she had “completely forgotten” about the reservation. She hadn’t meant to miss it, she said; she just forgot the date. She ended with hoping she will still be welcome at some point in the future to use her three nights.
Haha, no. There are no three nights to be used. The three nights passed three weeks ago with no way to fill them here in the future.
I’ve always had a flexible cancellation policy, and even within the 24 hours I will work with guests on a weather issue. I am new to telling people they will get nothing for their money. Nothing, that is, except my notes of concern, a clean and stocked listing that waited for them, and the entertainment of seeing how I would handle a ridiculous request for free nights with professional courtesy.
I didn’t write “haha, no” for instance. Only thought it. :slight_smile:


I’d be tempted to contact Airbnb and see if they would block them for you.

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That’s good advice for any host with a guest who feels entitled to a free stay. Ugh, wouldn’t that be fun!
In my case, I’m winding up hosting. Calendar is closed by default and I’m counting down as I honour my last few reservations into the fall.
She cannot book. But if she could, I would be looking for a way to block for sure.

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Awww. I hope your last bookings go smoothly. You’re always welcome here, even if “retired.”

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How do people do that? Forget they made a booking somewhere? Forget they had a trip planned? Folks really are strange.

I have that happen a lot these days. One guest booked in 2 places because he was unsure of where he was going to work (branch office), one guest booked a few nights and then had a change of plan and let it lapse (instead of the usual guest asking for a change in cancellation policy). Loving the empty room and no need for another cleaning…