Careful of this scammer


Becare of this following host. Asked for direct deposit. The host fake contacted Airbnb. Later on a email was sent to me by Airbnb but the email address is this: Also it mentioned the payment needs to be done by Paypal via this email:

Yes, this is obviously a scam. Did you report it?

I’m wondering why you recently joined this forum to show us this listing. Are they competitors of yours?


No they’re no competitors of mine. I just want to warn people and have them report them as well.

Good :slight_smile:

I reported the listing.


Awesome! The link has finally been removed. Also this must be the same scammer. Check out this link. The content information about asking to contact him/her through WhatsApp is the same as the other scammer. Also apartment and photos are not based on New York. Check here where the photos are steal:

Hope you report this as well.

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The listing first mentioned in this thread is no longer there. The reporting seems to have done it.

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What’s wrong with the VRBO rental in Chicago?

It is the source of the stolen pictures…


Hi, please report the 2nd link as it should be the same scammer. I’m afraid might have or about to be scam because the dates that I originally put 9/2 - 9/4 is not available.

Have you called Airbnb or used their social media - quickest way for you to get these scam listing taken off.

Yes I did. Both link has been removed. However it won’t stop the scammer forever. Hope everyone report a listing if it seems fishy esp like the photos and content.

Another one… the same old scammer… smh

New York City has changed. When scammers are “selling” apartments in Hell’s Kitchen, gentrification has occurred!

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Unfortunately I was scammed by this person! I put it my disputes to Paypal to get my money back! This makes me so sick. The listing was on flipkey. He played a good game with even sending me a contract. Just so glad I went with my gut, otherwise I would have been in NYC with no place to stay with my family. Hopefully I get my money back,

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