Can't pre-approve

Hi all.
I just got inquiry and pre-approval request, but when I click pre-approve, there’s error messages that said the payment should be minimum of 10 usd.
The charge is already above 10 usd, so I don’t know what is wrong.
Does anybody could help me on this matter?
Thank you.

Sounds like an Airbnb technical “glitch”. I’d message the person trying to book that you’ll try to resolve this and call Air customer support pronto.


CALL AIRBNB – We have nothing to do with how the system works…


I’m really beginning to think that new members think we are an Airbnb technical forum or are part of the company itself.

Although newbies, like guests, don’t read, it might help if the disclaimer appearing at the top on the face page of the forum was made clearer by displaying the mission statement first and having it appear in bold italics such as:

We have no official affiliation with Airbnb. We are an active, lively forum of STR hosts. The forum is full of unique individuals from all over the world. The mission of the forum is to directly connect hosts with other hosts…”

Suggest it to Tom?


Yes! I agree… it is confusing… I think a banner would help. Mods can’t do anything like add banners or anything.

Anyone can write to Tommy with suggestions. And they actually should as everyone’s voice counts.

Personally, I am surprised that the logo of the forum has not been protested for infringement, as it is basically the same as theirs.

We do have a pinned post with the forum guidelines. But a banner might not be a bad idea.


All I did was take Tom’s fourth sentence from the Forum Guidelines and made it the first sentence.

Well… We wrote that! :rofl:

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Oh… :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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