Can't call CS? Anyone else having trouble?

I have been a host for close to five years. I have always been able to call the phone number and get to cs. 1-855-424-7262.
For the past week, I cannot get through.
When I call, It asks immediately for a verified phone number. I enter ours. recording ststes not a verified #, enter a verified #. Then when I don’t enter anything, recording askes if host or guest. I press 2 for host.
Recording comes on, “call did not go through, please try again.”
Is anyone else having trouble calling CS?

Here’s some other numbers:
(888) 326-5753 - this I superhost so I don’t know if it will work.
(415) 800-5959

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Are you calling from the same number you have listed in your Airbnb profile? If your number has changed, try going to your Airbnb profile settings and changing it to the new number. Then call back and try again.