Can't activate instant book -- others have been posting about this for weeks

I’ve been having trouble activating instant book. There simply isn’t a “booking” line below “calendar” and “pricing” on my listing.

A couple of other people have posted to the “community” forums about this. At least one of those people has been waiting for a solution for at least a month.

My listing looks like that of the guy who created the second post. Does anyone know of a way around this?

How long have you been hosting? After I got a few booking and responded quickly to them it suddenly became active and the instant booking option was made available to me. I don’t think you get it by default. Anyone know what the criteria is?

I’ve only been listed for a few days.

I was told that having a profile picture up was the only requirement. Do you know how many bookings you hosted before getting the option up? Did you ever create a video, and might that have made a difference?

My first listing had the option, but I took that one down and put up a different listing, now I don’t have access to Instant Book, when I would use it. I’m glad to know that it isn’t just me.

I got it after my first booking, no I don’t have a video up. Any luck?

The ‘completed profile’ requirement is for guests. In order to have a listing that is eligible for instant booking, you have to completed 1 booking successfully - otherwise the option will not be shown.

Hope that helps.