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Cannot remove odor from our apartment! HELP!

OMG! That is horrible. Are you on the premises? I thought we could avoid some of this as we live above the apartment…even though it has a separate entrance. I am so sorry…I just had a little of this and I am heartbroken. I can only imagine how you must feel. I am going to redo the baking soda…and try the Trader Joe’s sachet–great suggestion.

That’s the point. If you are planning on vaping and see a rule/fine about it then hopefully you’ll scroll on.


I am allergic to any sort of smoke, so I need to have a strict rule about smoking. Like KKC, I am hoping this will be a deterrent.

I truly did not want to be that place with lots of rules. I remember visiting a yoga studio in NYC that had a sign that said “Please do not throw used paper towels on the floor.” I could not imagine why they needed a sign like that. After 5 Airbnb guests–I now understand. If you walked into a beautiful clean-smelling pristine apartment that promised organic cleaning–would you think it was OK to smoke?

Most people are not thinking of others, they are thinking of themselves. Why does someone throw a paper towel on the floor? Because they missed the trash can and don’t want to bend over to pick it up (it should be a yoga pose maybe?) or they are germophobic and it grosses them out to touch something that’s been on the floor. One of the things that’s helped me to understand others immensely is to look at them from the perspective of the ego. You see it here on the forum all the time: hosts talking about what they need even though Airbnb is a guest services industry.

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Clean everything, walls furniture etc and then boil vinegar for a while. Then open all the windows, put on the ceiling fans and leave it like that for about 30 min- 1hr.

In my case this is how I get rid of indian cooking smells/cigarette. The ozone machine won’t do anything.

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Not for me, the point to me if I see 20 rules and associated fines is that I would think the host is uptight and controlling. I could be wrong but I would fear my every move was being watched on the cameras and the host was looking for a finable offense. I do not smoke cigs or vape or ever plan to be anything but respectful. I would just move on.


We are of a similar sort regarding rules in general but this is one rule that wouldn’t bother me.

With all due respect I think it’s pointless for any individual host to say “I wouldn’t stay there” about another listing. Who cares?

I’ve had multiple people tell me how I shouldn’t allow dogs in my airbnb listing and how they won’t stay here. So what? I have all the bookings I want, I’m turning people away and I have over 500 reviews. Frankly, if you don’t like dogs this is not the place for you. Announcing to me that you won’t stay here has no affect on my business. ( I don’t mean you personally of course. )


You can’t keep me away that easily! I just need to figure out a reason to take the 10 through el paso, without the kids!




I just had a South Asian family stay recently. There was a slight curry scent after they left, which dissipated fairly quickly during the regular turnover. It wasn’t until I got home that night and unloaded my car that I realized all the mostly-used-up toilet paper rolls (I leave those for guests in the closed cabinet under the bathroom sink, and take them home when several have accumulated) absolutely reeked of curry.

For days afterward, I kept craving chicken tikka masala every time I peed…


@MagicDeb it was pretty bad. My listing is a single king room with adjoining private bath in my home so I’m here and work here, too. I allow smoking outside but when I smelled his “herbs,” I said not on premises (I live next door to the police!! smells waft…) So he walked the neighborhood (full of LEOs) smoking. Then they got in their car and he smoked and so they both smelled awful. Good luck.

I don’t know if it is praftical but in my own kitchen the way I get rid of food odor that just won’t quit lingering is to boil a cinnamon stick and whole cloves in water on the stovetop. Yes, it just masks it until the other odor finally dissipates but I prefer cinnamon and clove scent to the smell of fried bacon. :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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  • Go to the Trans Pecos Festival of Music + Love in Marfa TX.

  • Visit White Sands Natl Monument and Carlsbad Caverns NP

  • I’m on the way to Big Bend NP if coming from west

  • Any road trip from CA/AZ to Austin/San Antonio/Houston and points east can easily route through here

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We drive past you a few times a year and it is usually straight through but on the next occasion we must make an overnight pit stop, you are already on the top of my list to check. Your place looks way better than the Motel 6 in Van Horn, where we usually crash with our dog and doglike rodent if needed.

Oh My Dog, yes. Please do. I’m going to PM you.

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I have one of those…



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i love indian food but I hate the cooking smells. Now you gave me ideas for lunch :slight_smile:
is the dog above a girl? Love her pink sweater.

Still an odor present? I can help you locate a pro near you or get you a DIY kit that you can do yourself - takes about 3 hours. Happy to help!

Dog like rodent? Ex husband.

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