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Cannot get Airbnb Linked Calendar feature to work


I host an apartment comprising 2 private rooms on Airbnb. I’ve created 3 listings for this apartment so that guests have the option to book either the entire apartment or a private room. For ease of reference, let’s refer to the three listings as “Entire apartment”, “Room #1” (private room) and “Room #2” (private room). I tried using the “Create Linked Calendar” setting on Airbnb with the hope that : (i) if I get a booking for Entire Apartment, it will automatically block those calendar dates for Room #1 and Room #2; (ii) if I get a booking for Room #1, it will automatically block calendar dates for Entire Apartment. While (i) and (ii) are happening seamlessly, what ALSO seems to be happening is that bookings for Room #1 automatically blocks calendar dates for Room #2 which is senseless.

While creating the Linked Calendar, I selected Entire Apartment when asked to “Choose a listing that contains your other listings” and selected Room #1 and Room #2 when asked " Which listings are in Entire Apartment?" Am I doing something wrong or is this is a glitch in the system? I vaguely read elsewhere that the linked calendar feature on Airbnb became dysfunctional after an update in August. Has anyone faced this issue or managed to use this calendar feature successfully?


Did you sync room 1 and 2 by mistake?


P-rose - Did you ever get this resolved OR did you find a work around? I have a similar situation which HAD been working perfect from March 2018 to June 26, 2019 and now it no longer does.

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