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Cannot book a property or communicate with host

I am new to airbnb so not sure if i am doing the right thing. I try to click on instant book but i get the message "It is not possible to book this property. Please contact Airbnb Support”. I also emailed but no reply. This has happened several times so i don’t think message is reaching hosts. Am i doing something wrong?

I’ve read about this problem, someone said:

“Turned out my account had been blocked for no reason. AirBnB unblocked it and everything worked fine after that.”

You’ll have to call them I’m afraid.

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Yep, call Air. The host may not accept IB from you because you are so new to AirBnb that you have no “street cred” as it were… A host can set IB to decline people who don’t meet certain criteria. Or Air, or the host, may have locked the listing for some reason.

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Should we reclassify this as “Air-cred?” :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks all. So how do i get street cred if i am new? i have to start somewhere just like hosts have to start somewhere…

Very true, which is why I have no objection to hosting new people. Often they are a little nervous of using Airbnb and it’s enjoyable to host them as they have few expectations.

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I have hosted almost entirely new people, and [I like to think] have made them into AirBNB converts. Several of my guests booked a number of AirBNB’s during a longer trip and it is discouraging to hear the stories of other places they stayed. NYCity seems to be a real crap shoot.

As to AirCRED, and you know that will be turned into AirCRUD soon, I am most attracted to messages that include some information about the purpose of the trip, a bit of information about the entire group including relationships, and a general open tone. Bonus points for people who indicate their interests which have included history, coffee shops [lots of those], and “foodies.”


There are lots of people who are happy to accept those new to BnB - book with them instead.

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