Cancel After Check-in

What is the refund policy for the virus if a guest cancels after check-in date. 10 day reservation canceling 4 days after check in date.

I always thought you keep it unless they leave within 24 hours of checking-in. Even in the 24-hour scenario, they would have to have a major issue with the accommodation that couldn’t be rectified, and they would have to report the problem almost immediately.

I am sure other people know more about this. It’s never happened to me.

With everything going on right now, if they are leaving due to the coronavirus and travel, I’d think it’s considered perfectly acceptable to leave early and it’s probably going to get covered with a refund from Airbnb, or they will guilt you and try to get you to refund a portion.

I did the hard reading work for you. Here’s their official policy on this:

In response to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, we’ve now extended our extenuating circumstances policy to apply globally* to all eligible reservations booked on or before March 14 and with a check-in between March 14 and April 14.

In simple terms, that means that for eligible reservations:

*** Guests have the option to cancel reservations up to the time of check-in for a full refund**

  • Hosts can cancel reservations up to the time of check-in without worrying about cancellation charges or impact to your Superhost status
  • Our service fees will be refunded in full for every cancellation

So, it would appear that their extenuating circumstances policy would not provide them a refund.

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That’s how I read it too. Cancel before check-in for a refund. Cancel after check-in and they can ask for a refund but Air won’t give them one, and you don’t have to give one, even if Air tries to guilt you into giving a refund.

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Even though it reads that way, who knows that Airbnb will do!


I think this is true only if you have a strict cancellation policy. I have a flexible cancellation policy. If the guest cancels after check in they get a refund of the remaining days 24 hours after the cancellation. Moderate gets back 50%, strict, nothing. See link below.