Can you offer additional services for renters? Such as

How about offering additional services such as:

  • Pick up and drop of from airport?
  • Pick up and drop off train station?
  • Etc…

Sure, if you’re retired and have nothing else to do with your spare time! Most hosts, IMHO don’t have the luxury of that kind of time. Depending on where you are, and whether or not you charge for the service, you could conceivably get in trouble with transport folks like shuttles, taxis and Uber drivers…


Thanks for replying. Its basically just for the guests that rents my place. Would this be a problem with ABB?? or I’m freely to do it?

Airbnb has no problem with you offering extra services.

I wonder about insurance for your vehicle when you are using it for business? Perhaps you already have it insured for business use, but if not, you might want to check into it with your insurance provider. to verify you’ll be covered if in an accident.


@astralita12 is correct if you want to do this I understand you would not to notify your insurance company and would have an increased premium

if you want to charge for it (and you should as it will cost you time and money. You should put it in your house rules with prices and send guests wanting the service a request for the additional money.

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Thank you @astralita12 and @Helsi

Would it be a bad thing to offer those services as Cash only or with the option of swiping a card with a card reader?


Hi @mikelowrey

Do have a look at the Airbnb Help Centre as it has information around issues like this.

It does make it clear you shouldn’t ask guests to pay outside of Airbnb.

That doesn’t mean of course that hosts don’t do this.

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Many hosts do and they take a cash payment, but if you don’t want to violate Airbnb policy, you can use the Change Reservation feature to add extra fees on top. There is no built in feature to add optional fees.

I’ve given rides both free and charged. I’ve also loaned (rented as they paid) my vehicle to an Air guest. You could offer rides through a platform like Uber or Lyft if allowed in your town. Spare vehicles can be rented out via Turo. A word of warning: I didn’t find I could charge enough for it to be worth my time doing either. By the time you cover your expenses it’s a small profit margin with a good deal of risk. In the future if I give a ride to a guest I won’t be charging and it will have to be a special situation like the guest who was mugged and I was trying to assist.

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Just call it an “Airbnb experience!” LOL.

Sorry, I’m a bit slap-happy today. But yes, you can just modify the reservation and hopefully they will accept it. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve done that with guests who PPV movies, works fine.

You don’t have to use the Change Reservation. You can use the Resolution Center to request funds from the guest for additional services.

Is that feature available during/before the guest’s stay as well? I don’t remember seeing it until after they leave.

I’ve often thought about “give us a fiver, and I’ll knock up a massive bolognese this eve”

@mikelowrey - I think this is a great idea until you break a commitment through no fault of your own and that guest lowers your review or gives you negative feedback on those “Extras”.

I know hosts that offer evening meals for an additional cost. So why not give it a go.

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Yes, it is available–go there and see it for yourself. Go to the Help menu and type in Resolution Center.