Can you have Instabook for some bookings but review reservations for longer ones?

I did a flexible month search and zoomed in all the way to the street name level of your listing and it didn’t come up for me at all. I also went through the booking process (up to clicking “pay”) as well as the inquiry process (“contact host”) and was not able to increase the days beyond your max. So, it doesn’t seem to be working. Anecdotally, I notice I haven’t received a beyond my max in at least a year.

*As a side note, I noticed that I didn’t have the option to put in a RTB. I could either IB or send you an Inquiry. No option to Request, presumably because I qualify to IB. I booked something a couple of weeks ago and noticed it then too.

I think so too. Besides, your search rank for the monthly stays will be better if it’s actually set for monthly stays. It will be highlighted for that.

Are you sure? Is it an Australian thing? Here I can set a discount for 1-6 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks. It’s worth checking because it’s preferable to show a discounted price even if it’s the same price you would put without a discount.

It doesn’t at all. Superhost criteria is only 4 things: Rating, Response rate, Number of stays and Cancelation rate.

edit: I’m not sure if they’re still doing the Plus program or not (I haven’t seen one in a long time) but an Acceptance rate of 95% is a qualification for being a Plus property (just in case you were hoping to do it).

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I was planning to make the same suggestion, but JJD has saved me the keystrokes. We have two separate listings for the same guest suite – a cheaper one with the second bedroom locked off and left empty. Airbnb doesn’t redact a link in the description from one listing to the other… which would allow you to write : “This suite/guesthouse/cabin is also available for longer stays of more than X days in a separate Airbnb listing at www.airbnb.etc” .

In your new listing if prospective guests click on your profile, they can see all the good reviews you have earned on the original listing. I’m not sure, but it might even say “Lisa is a SuperHost” on both from day one (if you are already SuperHost)

P.S. You could choose to make the NEW listing the “longer term/no IB” listing, or you could re-write your current listing to be the longer term, and set up the new one to be “shorter term/IB” offering

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