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Can you control your listing once posted?

I plan on possibly becoming a host in a month or so. My question has to do with the page I will create on Airbnb. Once it is up and running do I have a way to shut it off quickly if necessary?

For instance, if there is some family emergency and I need to leave town… As long as I have no bookings during the time I will be gone, can I turn off my page completely so it does not appear on the site until I want it back there?

Yes, there is a “Snooze” or “Unlist” switch for your listing.

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@Chris is correct. But you will also have the ability to block off any day on the calendar to prevent people from booking. In the example you gave, I think that would be a better way to go. That way, even if you need to block off some days, your listing will still be up and available for someone who might want to book it in the future.

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Do either of these affect your history… That is your comments or likes from guests… Does all that remain until you “relist” again?

Not as far as I can see.

I can’t speak to the part about snoozing your listing, as I have never done it, but I would assume you would retain your past reviews.

As far as just blocking days off your calendar, yes, everything remains just the same.

Thanks for these replies. This will help me in the future, I’m sure.

Any idea if you can edit rates under “snooze”?

I ask because I have heard of people trying to open and new dates and edit their rates - then an instant book comes flying through before they can save it.

I guess I could snooze my own listing to find out…but if you already know the answer :smile:

Yes, you can change anything while unlisted or snoozed.

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That depends if you are able to interact with the guests or not.

If you have a family emergency, or are on vacation, and do not want to be bothered with booking requests or inquiries it is better to snooze or unlist, to prevent any impact on your response rating.

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