Can you change the price on future days beyond your open calendar?

Hi. I have my calendar set to 6 months in advance. I would like to alter the price on a day 8 months in the future.
If I unblock the day, alter the price then re-block the day, will that price ‘hold’? Or will it switch back to my default price?
I need to block out that day but I know the block won’t hold so I am hoping to be able to put a massive price on it so no-one books it.
If anyone knows how to do this, I would love some advice. Thanks.

@Zandra has done this

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What do you mean “the block won’t hold?”

There have been multiple posts on the forum from people saying blocked days became unblocked. I think those people just didn’t double check to make sure they were blocked. It almost always takes me two tries to block a date. Nevertheless another way to make sure the day doesn’t get booked is to put a ridiculously high price on it.

What I meant by ‘the block won’t hold’ is: In the past when I’ve tried to bock a day beyond my 6 month calendar, as soon as that day comes into the 6 month range it becomes unblocked. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to make those future blocks stay in place.

Oh well that’s terrible. We are fairly new so only opening up 90 days out at this point. I’d hate to see later dates magically “unblock”. Thanks for the explanation.

Thanks. I didn’t know that was happening. Not good!!!

If you manually block greyed out dates, they stay blocked when that time period arrives.

I have forgotten to do this occasionally, but my morning report finds them and includes them. Great reminder system for me!

It’s very easy. Set your default to blocked and then unblock the next 6 months of however long you want your calendar open. My calendar is blocked by default and I release dates as necessary.

Great idea thanks! You solved my problem.

I blocked some dates in August, but learned here that it might not stay blocked, so I set the prices for those dates to $5,000 per night.