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Can somebody tell me how much a guest will pay for one night airbnb

Hi everyone, i am a new host, i have only one week experience. I would like to share with you my experience.

Which price is acceptable for international airbnb guest
30 Euro/person for american stundents is ok.
50 Euro/ p for french is ok
30-50/p for some rich asian stundents is ok
25-35/p for some germans are ok…

Over this price seach people rather an hotel…

who will bagain? Thai people may do it…i think that is one kind of chinese culture. Some people who borned in germany bagain too. But the real German don’t do this.

Susanne, you can’t do this. Price it based on nationality! See my other answer on your other thread. Do those things (set clear rules) and you should have less trouble, no matter what the nationality! :slight_smile:

Absolutely she can’t do this! Not only is it daft, it’s more than likely against the law. @Chen_Susanne , you have to see this as a business. Work out your hosting costs (with every detail accounted for), add a contingency fee, add your profit and price accordingly. Remember to consider your insurance, taxes, accountancy fees and so on.

And people will pay more than a hotel if you’re providing a great experience at good value. Our rental is twice as much as cheap hotels here.

I think you need to sit down and carefully consider your business

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Your price might be too low? Maybe you are attracting the riff-raff of all nationalities. :wink:

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First of all you do not know who will inquire your listing so your listing has a base price and you modified the daily amount for seasons of to attract folks. Once the quest requests it is only at the price you had set for that date.

For example base price is 50 per night but because it is low season you adjust to 45 per night.

A French couple request to book at 45 a night you can not change the amount. they get your place at 45 not 50.

Chen you really need to do a lot more research and read all the information on the Airbnb website to understand how the platform works.


Maybe someone is trying to toy with us?

As to the question of discriminatory pricing, you just can’t do that…

It may be well worth the time to take a look at other listings in your area and see what sort of prices the market will regularly tolerate. You can even see what sort of guests stay at the various prices, and with a little digging, the kind of reviews those guests received from their hosts.

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