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Can I use one of my listing photos to promote my AirBnb podcast?

I messaged Airbnb and didn’t quite get a clear answer. I received a response from Airbnb which was very vague. They kindly reminded me that they own the copyright and how they’re unable to send me the original copy. I’m not sure what that means but I’m still unclear and have sent another message.

Does anyone know if Airbnb prohibits this practice? I know that the pics are for describing the apt but just wondered if its forbidden per Airbnb agreements?



Did you take your own photos for your listing and upload them to Airbnb? If that’s the case they are yours to use.
Or just take another photo of your property and use that?

Are you trying to upload a photo to Airbnb, which has the name of your podcast? Or the reverse, take a photo that is on Airbnb and use it as the cover of your podcast? @Margaret_Winder is correct, in that case it just depends on who took the photo in regards to who owns the rights and where you’re allowed to reuse it.

I read my earlier post and saw how unclear I was, sorry. I own all the photos to my property. I wanted to upload a digital flyer ( that I made in Illustrator) into one of my photo "slots.’ It has the name of my podcast, Twitter/FB/Youtube handles and website. The name of the podcast is The AirBnb Lifestyle.

I’ve never done a podcast or anything like it. My husband is a bit more adventurous than I so he’s going to lead. We were lucky with our Airbnb, my husband literally put months and countless hours trying to discover ways to stretch the dollar to make this happen. He’s a newly retired infantry platoon sergeant with too much time and to much attention to detail in his DNA. What he turned out was amazing! His motto is ABI, Always Be Improving. He loves taking care of people. Now that he no longer has subordinates, he finds himself immersed in a strong desire to take care of the customer and provide them the most luxurious, relaxing, awesome experience. He says our guests don’t rent our apt, they experience our home.

Don’t get me started on the whole Superhost thing, that’s all I hear at least 3 nights a week! This guy doesn’t do anything unless he plans to do it the best. I love him and we’ve been on this ride called Airbnb, it’s been awesome as It’s given us the opportunity to meet some really great people. We’ve had guests from India, Australia, Russia to name a few.

Sorry I’m all over the place. Airbnb ROCKS and bless there founders for changing peoples lives! Good on them!

So… digital flyer, podcast, Airbnb, etc?

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Airbnb doesn’t like photos with texts sending people to other sites, etc. The worst that can happen is that they delete it or give you a spanking. You’re not sending people to book offsite like other hosts do.

That’s a pity because it’s a great idea and something I could do to promote my little business.

I don’t care what is in Air’s terms and conditions. If I took the pics or if I paid a professional photograher to take them for me…they are my pictures. I have my own pictures on multiple sites, and on my own website. Air isn’t going to tell me that they now own them- no matter what is in the fine print.

If they sent our their photographer, then you are only supposed to use the pics on their site. But I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about at all. Air has bigger fish to fry, and why would they go after you when you are actively promoting their site with your podcast? I’m not sure if I missed something in your post. But you are giving them free exposure/advertising…

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