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Can I set up another listing?

Is it possible to set up another listing?
I already rent one private room, but we have had a brain wave, that maybe we could rent our whole apt when we want a break, when we decide to go away for a weekend etc. Obviously we would take IB off.

Sure. Just add it to your current account. Be sure the calendars are in sync.

Hey Felicat, \I wouldnt want this other listing on IB, can you do that?

Settings are managed by the individual listing.

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Yes, I have 2 listings under my profile, one has instant booking and the other does not

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Thank you cassid, great to know :slight_smile:

I have 2 listings—whole house (for times I am away or just want to take in some bucks) and a private room. Currently have the whole house still as an active listing, but with all future dates blocked off.

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