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Can I make my default calendar completely blocked off


Hi, Although very new to Airbnb I have pretty much filled my calendar (using subscription sites) for the rest of the year with gaps here and there. Rather than having to manually block off all those dates is it possible to default my calendar to blocked and just open up the dates I still would like to fill? Hope i made myself clear.



I agree it really is time consuming trying to enter it all manually. They have a calendar feature that claims to sync, however it only works with google calendars. So unless that is what you are using, I think you are out of luck. It’s not what I use, and I find the calendar situation endlessly frustrating, having to put dates into both my daily system, and the airbnb calendar. I’m not a tech person however, so I hope someone that knows more than me can help you. Congratulations on filling your calendar already for the most part. I wonder if you will share with us which subscription sites you find the best, with what kind of space you have. Cheers,



Agree. In theory the calendars are supposed to sync and I find that they sometimes do and sometimes don’t. Not too helpful.

Do share your other sites with us. I would like to be not so dependent on you know who.

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