Can I have these reviews removed?

We’re having a heat wave and lots of guests are complaining about the heat. Like most apartments in our area we don’t have aircondition (because we have cold weather most of the year). Our list of amenities doesn’t include aircondition, so can people complain in reviews about something they should know is not there?

I’ve read somewhere it’s possible to get reviews removed if people are complaining about something clearly stated in the listing, is this true?

It’s allegedly possible but very, very difficult unless what’s written is offensive. I think I would be tempted to say something in response, along the lines of;-

" I’m sorry you found the heatwave we are currently experiencing difficult/ruined your holiday/etc. As you will know, this is an extreme weather event for this area/country/etc. Whilst we are completely prepared for very cold weather as a country, with central heating, log burners etc. We are not prepared for such an unusual weather event of extreme heat. We therefore do not have A/C as an amenity in this part of the world, hence it’s not mentioned as one in my listing".

Or something like that! If you say it enough times, people will get the message.


I had a girl who completely trashed my place then get angry when I threatened to call the police about the marijuana use going on leave me 1 stars across the board and lie in the review in direct contradiction to our communications through the airbnb platform. After a week reviewing the case, airbnb still wouldn’t remove the 1 star review she left. She got kicked off the platform. Her review is still there.

It is nearly impossible to have reviews removed.


Even in areas that are rarely warm, with today’s weird weather, anything is possible. Here in South Florida, we supply space heaters and throw blankets for the few days a year that the temperature dips to below 70.

I know this is off topic and can’t help you with the current review but if the heatwave continues it’s a good idea to use the Airbnb message system to offer your guests fans to cool themselves and tips on how to handle the heat. Supplying the guests with cool drinks, ice and ice cream can be a surprising treat for the guests and show that you are doing what you can to make them comfortable despite the fact that you can do nothing about the temperature.

Again, mention these treats in the Airbnb message system ‘I hope that you enjoyed the xxxxx’ and so on. Then you have a ‘paper trail’ that you tried your best to help your guests.


I would message the guests before they check in, to set their expectations around Aircon.
Thankfully all my guests know hardly anyone has Aircon at home in the UK, so don’t expect it.

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No true. They don’t remove reviews.

Read this thread. Host after host complaining about unfair reviews.

We were able to get a review and stars removed but I believe it was only because the guest was completely lying about everything, and because we had a prior case opened with a police report and pictures.

I had thought AirBnB had closed their community page a few years ago. I didn’t know they were back in a new form! I’ll have to browse this tonight. I recall that the community forum was very inferior to this forum (which is why I came over here when I couldn’t get help there).

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You’ll get an earful about how many hosts are pissed about the review system… and how it affects SH status…not so many newbies now!

Back, then it was all newbies who couldn’t figure out the host or guest interface. Now I see it is pissed off veteran hosts! I’m surprised AirBnB is giving them a platform on their own site to complain. Even if it’s just complaining into an echo chamber.


I like to use the cold version of hot water bottles. I put plastic bottles in the freezer containing about a third cold water. Then let them freeze, wrap them in a towel and take them to bed!


Both. I use them before I get into bed to cool the sheets and then I cuddle one like a teddy bear :slight_smile:


I buy bottles of spraying water from eBay, a box of half a dozen. I’ve also got a pair of gel socks which I put in the freezer!

The freezer gel socks are for people with medical issues, as well as hot princesses!

Pardon the pun, but my feet have just gone into meltdown. Freezer socks and plantar fasciitis (who is my fellow sufferer?) just simply don’t go together.

One way to look at reviews is as an authentic representation of the guest’s experience that does not show prejudice or obvious malice towards the host.

If the guest states that flies got in the house, you can point out in your review rebuttal that said guest left the door open often. A future guest or host can figure it out for themselves. it serves the dual purpose of advising future hosts that these people are witlesss, and future guests to keep the door closed.

if you contacted Air after they left the door open all night, and warned the guest on platform, and then the guest insisted that you were incompetent, unsanitary, and dreadful in the review, you may have a case because it’s not about the experience, it’s about demeaning you.

That’s not cast in stone, but it worked for me when Air worked closely with me to remove a guest in a dreadful situation. His review, more than just lies, did not jive with the facts or timelines the Case Manager tracked.

To get to the point of being calm and impartial, i let some time pass, and then clearly stated that i wanted his review removed. You could hear the CSR hold her breath, but I bullet pointed my reasons and stayed calm.

The Case Manager stated that the review could not actually be removed, but in this case it was buried because the guest disregarded Airbnb direction, had no regard for the facts as they were tracked by the CS, and called me a liar and untrustworthy in the post.

The bottom line; it doesn’t hurt to try. Just wait till you are calm, state what you want, and stick to the facts.

Funny thread.
At first glance it the new system seems to be bad for superhosts.

But actually it benefits real superhosts with lots of reviews. Because a 1 star review does not impact a superhost with 300+ reviews. But it does hurt the superhost with only 15 reviews.

For me the reduction of superhosts is good. I do not have superhosts status, and have 300+ reviews with a 4.7 average. It always annoys me to see superhosts with only 10 reviews.
I take my hat of to 100+ review superhosts, but being a superhost with less than 50 reviews is not really an accomplishment to me.


And I feel your pain too! Ouch. Are you certain the snap wasn’t a break?

I don’t think freezer socks would be good for PF. The thought makes me shudder, as I can’t even walk on cold tiles. I’ve had almost a year’s respite but the bugger is back, visiting for high season.

I had shoe inserts made by a podiatrist. I absolutely swear by them and it’s my fault for not wearing them permanently; they don’t fit in my gardening shoes!

What does “overall rating” mean? Does it mean they now take the average of “overall experince”, “accuracy”, “cleanliness”, “check in” etc instead of only the “overall experience”?

@Chris I couldnt agree more. There are so many “superhosts” with only 10-15 reviews. There’s nothing super about making 10 guests happy. It’s very random, luck instead of skills.