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Can I have a particular check in day for bookings?

I’m very new to all this and my property isn’t ready yet. I want to have a fairly strict check in day whether the booking is for a weekend or a week. This would be a Friday. Is this possible? Where do I say this? And would it work? Thank you in advance. KF

IMO you’ll be severely limiting your booking potential, but that’s just my 2 cents.

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I have thought that too - for instance, I may not mind having a guest on a particular day (say my kid’s birthday) but don’t want an arrival on that day (extra work and constraints on the schedule).

I do not think it is possible at this point.

You can specify a particular day of the week for checkins. Connect to your calendar, then settings, then minimum stay, there is menu to define more parameters, like a different minimum stay for specific periods or a specific day for check-in. For instance in my area most hosts require a check-in on Saturday during summer months.

Thank you for your advice. Do you think it would make a difference being a holiday let cottage rather than rooms in my own home?

I agree with Reeny on this one, you would really limit your booking potential.

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