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Can I charge more for seasonal holidays/times of year?


I can see there;s an option to charge a weekly rate, monthly rate etc.

But there seems to be one set daily rate

Is it possible to set different daily rates for periods of high demand e.g. Christmas or high seasons of the year?



Hi Jindy, yes you can adjust this manually to what ever prices you want to charge:)


Yes, when you go I “edit your listing”, there s a calendar where you can click on dates and set different prices.


thanks to you both will check editing the calendar and come back if I have any problems



Yes… this is one of the best features of the Air platform. Be sure to set them far in advance because you may getting inquiries early in the year for Christmas and would have to decline if you had not yet set your seasonal rates. Happened to me, live and learn!


I found that when I set special rates in the season, it made rooms more expensive than intended.
Why, because in high season I have flat rate for room, whereas in lower season I allow single persons to book at a lower rate.
The airbnb system doesn’t seem to allow this differentiation, so when I set flat rate for peak season, it still adds charge for other person on top.

So I just had to change the rate to a flat rate for the time being to avoid confusion


Yes, of course!!! And on top of that, you can always negotiate prices with a guest before a booking is secured (so the booking charge isn’t really set in stone until you’re up to that point). If you want to learn some more about pricing on Airbnb, this may be a helpful resource for you!!

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