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Can Airbnb hosts in China give a "fapiao"? How?

I have a request from a guest who wants to stay for a few weeks. His company will pay for him, but they need a “fa piao”. I’m in China and I wonder, how this guest can receive an official receipt from Airbnb for his payment? Anyone here with experience?

I suppose he could print the page that shows his payment?

It has to be an official receipt that the government would accept.

That sounds like something they would have to take up with Air, as we aren’t technically the recipients of the transaction.

I found this on one host’s website:

“5. We charge 6% tax for getting a invoice(FAPIAO). Receipt is free.”

When the guest looks at his lists of reservations there is a button that says ‘print receipt’. It really has every bit of details, including airbnb’s contact info, dates, price breakdown, your name and address - should do the trick.

It’s a bit more involved than that due to the fact that it must be from the person who paid the particular service tax. So Air won’t take credit for that or issue such a receipt.

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Oh - sorry!
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The variation in laws and taxation policies is quite interesting.

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I tried to contact the host from Shanghai, but she wasn’t willing to give me information on how she was able to give a fapiao to her guests. So I might have to call Airbnb and ask them, what I can do. With these guests that are coming I now came to an agreement, that the company will look for other receipts that they use instead. So thankfully, that did work out. But for the future I still would like to know how to handle this in the future.

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