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Can a manager and owner share logins?

i’m going to airbnb as a guest for awhile, and am leaving my own airbnb in the hands of a manager. i’ll leave the guest contact with them (as well as cleaning), but i want to keep an eye on things. i just want to know if both of us can be logged in at once, or if there are multiple logons allowed. how do other hosts handle this? thanks

looking at my airbnb account details, simply giving someone my password could be disastrous (ability to change password, change bank accounts, etc). i really want to create a daughter account with some privileges. and of course i see no way to do this.

You can be logged on via multiple devices, most of us use the site via our phones, laptops, iPads simultaneously etc so this is not an issue. The site does not know its not you on all the devices per say. You would get an email if payout method changes and get an email every time you get a payout but I take your point they could change the account and your not quick enough to catch up but if you think this then I would be thinking twice about who I am hiring to manage my home!

I think most management companies actually set your property up under their profile, so you lose your reviews and I guess then they get many so it keeps you incentivised to stay with them managing. Then they pay you from their account minus their fees so they ensure they get paid first!

Have you tried changing your payout method and seeing if it asks you or if you can set secret questions your manager would not know?

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Set them up as a co-host and they won’t be able to access anything other than what they need to perform their job.


Ditto what Jaquo said.

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how do you set them up as co-hosts? that sounds like what i’m trying to do.

Hope this makes sense. [you have to click once on the image to see what I marked]

wonderful. topic closed due to perfect answer.

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