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Calling All London Hosts - CityStasher

Dear Airbnb Host,

We are start-up, CityStasher, looking to help Airbnb hosts make more money from their properties, through the short-term storage of luggage and cloakroom items across London! The best part? You only need a cupboard to make money!

-----> www.citystasher.com <-----

We are looking for a small number of partners who can make short-term storage, what we call a ‘cloakroom service’, possible across the entirety of London.

The aim is to have 2-4 hosts around each of the main national rail stations in London and select tourist attractions. Be aware, in the next few months we expect traffic to be limited, but our aim is that, by the end of this summer, hosts can expect daily transactions.

So why join now? Hosts that are with us from the beginning will be given priority in the long run – as mentioned there will be a limited number of hosts in each location.

How much can I expect to make? Each host can take on as many items to store as they want. We expect small items (like a coats and hand bags) to make £3 on storage and larger items (e.g. suitcases) to make £5. But that is just our experience and of course, it is up to you, the hosts, to negotiate and set the prices you wish.

Peace out,
The CityStasher Team

Contact us on:

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