Calender management with auto update!

Hi, I am looking for affordable Calender management since my price pr. night is only 10 to 20 US$ pr. night.

Its great when you can have automatic booking update between Airbnb, flipkey,, and many more.

Do anyone have any experience with: (they offer automatic update for 40 booking sites) (more than 40 automatic update booking sites) (9 automatic update booking sites)

Also interested to hear about good or bad experience with other online calender management sites :smiley:

Well - exciting news for you on this front…Airbnb updated its calendar syncing features! You can now sync calendars from many external rental platforms (this includes importing and exporting). This post goes through the updates, so check it out to see if it’s relevant for what you’re looking for !

I just reviewed the post, and it seems as if FlipKey is not included among the external platforms with which Airbnb will sync calendars. Maybe your whole experience with them that you’ve described is the reason why, but I don’t know. I’m sorry for any miscommunication!

Great Sara, I will have a look :smile:

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Wow Billy Bob, super important information. Thank you, that proberly saved me a lot of potensial money for the future :smile: No automatic update for Flipkey.

Hi Jayjay, if you’re looking for an affordable calendar management service, you should try, which is free and quite advanced. Hope this helps.

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Hi Johanna, please advise which chnel manager did you finally choose and how did it work for you? I’m in the similar situation now

So its about 2 years since i posted this asking about Channel manager. My first and cheapest choice with good reviews was Myallocator. Great product and very little problems. They later got bought up by Cloudbeds and at that time, Cloudbeds was to expensive for us who just had a few rooms.

Later i read about how easy it was with having your webpage with wix and use their partner Hotelrunner as channelmanager. Big disaster if its not running well from the beginning, hotelrunner was not able to make this happen and blame everyone else. Paying the monthly to them do not help, they just stop replying. So i cancel Hotelrunner and also quit Wix later.

My next and last choice is Bed24. I set it up myself with the instruction from their page and it works great and has been for over a year. The price is adjusted to the size you are but they do have a start price.
They are good in replying and answering your question but I do wish they had more easy tutorial on some subject. I can recommend Beds24 to everyone. My Airbnb was the biggest sucsess for 2 years and I was superhost from the beginning. When i connected to it just exploded and most was booked for several months ahead. I still get the message from Airbnb that many look at my listing but they choose other who was a lot cheaper. I am just smiling, Airbnb had over 80% of my booking and now their are down to less than 5%. made a lot of earlier bookings than Airbnb and filled up a lot before Airbnb could. The prices are also higher and I am making more money even after I withdraw commision. Problem with can be sometime that they think they come to a hotel, but this also happen some time with Airbnb and guest who speak little English. Anyway both Airbnb and are great way to make some money and meet some new people :slight_smile: