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Calendar Market Trends


On the calendar page it shows airbnb ‘market trends’

Every month I view - guest searches are down and available listing as up’

I co-host and when I look at the co-host listing in the same city, the market trends reflect the same direction as my own listing but the figures are not exactly the same as I would expect.

It seems doubtful to me as well that the available listings figure would vary very much from month to month - how can it be plus 50 in Feb but plus 20 in March.

What’s the consensus on this? Half baked airbnb figures or just another lower your prices psy op.?

If searches are down, available listings up, saturation point has happened so why still a push to get other listings onboard.


The push is because hosts who thought this game was a quick easy dollar, leave the site and are replaced by newcomers, Airbnb pushes this because we are easily replaced.


I often find that they say my listing was viewed in a search but that people booked for from $0-$12 less but then recommend I lower my price $9-$29 respectively. Of course they never post when my listing came up but people booked at listings $1-$160 MORE and ask me to raise my prices…

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