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Calendar Layout Sunday-Saturday


Does anyone know of a way to change the calendar layout from a Monday-Sunday week to a Sunday-Saturday layout? That is the way all of my other calendars look and it sometimes confuses me when I look at my AirBNB calendar and it is Monday-Sunday.


Not unless you can convince Airbnb to do it – not gonna happen.


Just thought I might be missing a setting somewhere. I don’t know how many times my heart has skipped a beat thinking I am a day off on a reservation.


Both my computer and phone are Sunday - Saturday…


Actually mine are now as well. Did they just change that or was I looking somewhere else where it is Mon-Sun?


I share my calendar onto Google - boy that takes an age to sync and update :frowning:


I think they are just messing with me now. The other day after someone said theirs was Sun-Sat I looked at mine and it was Sun-Sat. I look at it today and it is back to Mon-Sat. I think that is my biggest issue is that it seems to keep changing so when I look at it I am not sure what I am looking at for a bit.

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