Calendar dates are blocked after reservation was denied

Hi I need to contact Airbnb regarding a technical problem. Some dates on the calendar are showing as booked even though reservation was denied and guest never paid for the booking. I need these dates to be free asap as am risking to lose a week reservation because of this. It’s a shame that Airbnb do not have online help TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE !

What did they say when you called them?

I do know that if you cancel a booking…no matter whatever the reason…those dates are permanently and forever blocked to a future booking.
I had an overlap of one date that was overlooked for a booking in sept 2017…yes next Sept…and I had to cancel because I overlooked the booking. they were reserved for 2 hours. Air has that weekend now blocked for me. Forever. Rules.

They have help on Twitter. You can send a private message to @AirbnbHelp.

  1. The do have ‘online’ help, always get back to me very quickly and answer my
    Calls when I have an urgent matter.
  2. This is not a ‘technical error’.
  3. A recent improvement is When you decline a booking request selecting ‘dates not Available’ as the option, you get a clear message telling you those dates will now be blocked out. They are not ‘booked’ permensmtly, just blocked on your calendar. You can easily go into your calendar to update those dates back to ‘available’.

Airbnb bought this in to stop hosts wasting guests time trying to book stuff when their dates are not available as they haven’t updated their calendar or they want, in your case, a 7 day booking but have not specified this minimum.

It’s not always ABB’s fault if something doesn’t work according to how you want it too & it’s good to read the messages clearly and search for help before jumping to conclusions and getting outraged. (The system needs to work for guests too, that is who ABB makes most of their money from) thinking about things from both perspectives will help you navigate hosting more calmly and successfully.

Have the same issue. The dates are still blocked. The guest is still in the iCal and still is cancelled.