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BUG in the Airbnb message system?

I always send my guests a message a couple of days before they arrive to remind them about important details such as the address, the directions, my phone number etc.

However, it seems like Airbnb is trying to prevent me from sending those messages as I always get the following warning:

“Sharing contact details before an accepted reservation can put you at risk. If you send this message, the highlighted phone number will be hidden”. Then I need to choose between “I didnt include contact details” or “send the message anyway”.

I never send my information unless the booking is confirmed.

Is this a bug in the Airbnb message system?

I’ve tried to report this to Airbnb asking if it’s a bug, but as usual Airbnb never seem to care much about bugs, I’ve reported bugs before and it takes months before they get fixed.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I hav a guest arriving Thursday, and last week sent her a message and our breakfast menu to choose from. In her return message, her phone and and private email were promenently displayed. Same glitch??

Sounds like it. You’ve already got an confirmed booking, and they’re warning you about not having an booking?

If you’ve actually got Airbnb to fix a bug, you’re doing better than most of us. In my experience, they mostly won’t acknowledge they exist.

No. Once booking is confirmed you can see those things without a problem. That’s functioning correctly.

I had an experience recently where my guest’s messages to me were delayed by two days! It was very confusing.

I just received a message from a previous guest thanking me for the stay and saying how much they enjoyed themselves.

And yet they checked out on August 1st.

Do you suppose this is the message bug?

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