Bug In ABB Calendar

I just isolated a bug in the ABB calendar and have reported it to them. It’s one that you might well have run into yourself and have it bite you in the rear. Please try these steps and let me know if it’s a problem on your calendar, too.

Say you need to block off several consecutive dates. Edit your calendar and click on any open date to bring up the dialog with Available vs. Blocked. Click on Blocked. Then because you need to block off several days, click on the ending date and select (say) the day after. Note that the ending date changes as desired, but now THE ACTION HAS CHANGED FROM BLOCKED TO AVAILABLE. You might well not notice this, click on Save Changes, and move on thinking you had Blocked the dates.

I have been bitten by this bug and have paid the price of a conflict when a guest has booked the dates I thought I had blocked, all the while thinking it was my fault!

happening all the time to me. Takes several tries to get it inputted correctly

Yup. This bug appeared at least 2 months ago. You have to confirm that the block/available has “taken” before leaving the page.

Yep, I’ve noticed but like others said I just make sure it is blocked before navigating away from the page.

I always click twice on “blocked” and then confirm. This seems to work. AirBnB of course does not want us to block any dates :sweat_smile:.

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You can also price the dates at £1000 so even if the block doesn’t stick there’s no way people are booking those dates.

I just had this happen yesterday and it created a double booking and I was horrified! I was at work and had to sneak off to make a call to Air about it.

I threw myself at their mercy begging for leniency and they said they’d be glad to cancel at no penalty to either the guest or me… great big sigh of relief!!!

So if this happens to you in the future… CALL them first!!! Don’t try to cancel it yourself and then ask them for forgiveness.

I have never seen a bug on Airbnb!
(of course, I’m being sarcastic)

Given the frequency with which this bug occurs, surely some one else must have reported it to ABB. How far back can anyone remember? Do you normally report software bugs to ABB?