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Brother and sister sharing a bedroom ?!


I let a very private 1 bed house and was contacted by a French person wanting to stay there with his ‘little sister’. He has no reviews, just joined and gave minimal details. I have IB turned off.
I was very quick to tell him I that this would not be possible and he became verging on abusive insisting I must have a ‘family policy’. What a load of rubbish. I suspect he maybe some sort of child molester. Most Airbnbs in my area are shared flats/houses with instant book that he could have booked easily.

What do you think?


Decline and move on. Don’t answer any more of his messages.


If he is becoming abusive, report him to Airbnb and block him.


We have brothers and sisters sharing a bed quite often in our Airbnb. And two brothers, mom and daughter, father and daughter. Quite normal for travellers on a budget to share a room.


Is your problem the fact that he became abusive, or the fact that he wants to share a room with his sister? The former I can understand, the latter I cannot. Why wouldn’t brother and sister share a room? Also, maybe sister is not a child at all, but he refers to her as “my little sister” as she’s simply younger?


LOTS of family members share a bed when travelling. Don’t reject a person for that or automatically assume that the person is some sort of pervert!!! Do reject him for his verbal abuse, and report that to AirBnb.


I’ve had adult brothers and sisters share a room with no problem. My husband is French and refers to his adult sister as his little sister. I don’t think asking about a family policy is abusive. What made you jump to the thought of a child molester? Your post doesn’t say exactly what he responded to you.


I am now beyond surprise as to what combinations share a room, still think it is odd.


Can’t blame you for rejecting him straight away. It’s a concern I hadn’t considered, but now that you have come across it… Should I get anything similar… I would prolly let him book, then give the police a heads up… sex traffic? I would be willing to lose the income to catch a sleeze ball. I know there is also a place to post pictures of hotel rooms so police can figure out where an ‘advertising’ pic was taken. My friend’s daughter was abducted and found in a dumpster years ago. Heartbreaking.


It is both really. I am British and at home - we don’t do that sort of thing or rather it is considered strange. Cultural differences maybe or molestation/exploitation of a young woman - I don’t want it in my property. Been doing Airbnb 4 years now and this is the first one like this.


Thanks for this Chis but the property is not a budget house. He could have found cheaper but not so private which is what alerted me.


Thans Inna. The sister is 17 he is 24.
It is not the done thing here.


Then probably he simply refers to her as “his little sister” although she’s almost of age, as I assumed. Since she’s above the age of consent, I doubt this would count as molestation even if there was something going on between them (setting aside our deeply ingrained beliefs against incest). I personally wouldn’t be concerned. There are plenty of borthers and sisters travelling together for summer holidays in that age, without their parents. Since these guys made you feel uncomfortable, though, it is better that you declined.


As you can tell from the varying answers, this is a well-discussed and recurring topic here. There are those who themselves pair up with family members in the same bed when traveling, others who find the idea unsavory would never dream of doing it or condoning the practice, and others who find it questionable at best.

Other than for curiosity, a poll doesn’t help because it really boils down to what you will allow under your roof. If you are not comfortable with the idea of certain combinations sharing a bed in your home or rental, isn’t that the deciding factor? After all, your house, your rental, your rules.


Within reason. There are still laws we must abide by, although none I know of apply here. The host however, cannot reject guests based on their age, race, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation.

But, yes, generally, your house, your rules. If you’re uncomfortable you can decline, but I am curious as to what you specifically said when you were “very quick to tell him I that this would not be possible” – I suspect your comment laid bare your suspicions.


Unless there is actual evidence of inappropriate behavior, the decline seems without reason.


I don’t understand. Why did you think he might be a child molester???

So am I so blaming your reaction on your nationality is a weird sort of excuse. You’ll have to explain more, I think. :thinking:


Let’s play “what if” in the hope of making you reflect…

  • What if he didn’t mention their age, would you have accepted them?
  • What if he had lied and told you they were a couple, but told you their age, would you have accepted them?
  • What if he lied about their age and lied about being family, would you have accepted them?
  • What if they were adults and he told you he and his sister are in a love relationship :open_mouth:, would you have accepted them?
  • What if the siblings had the same sex, would you have accepted them?
  • What if it were a mother/father & son/daughter combination would you have accepted them?
  • Etc. …

I think, it’s the year 2018:

  • All the possible combinations travel together, wether they are family, friends or in love. It’s not very easy to know what combination you are actually facing, and I think it also shouldn’t be your concern.
  • Sharing a bed with family members was already accepted ages ago: My mum didn’t molest her older sister and later on, wasn’t molested by her younger sister (I wrote it like this on purpose, no mistake). The vast majority of people just have a normal relationship with their family members.
  • Love-is-love… Even if brothers and sisters fall in love, we shouldn’t judge if both are happy. (Should that have been the case.)
  • I think already many countries allow a sexual relationship between a 17 and 24yo. (Should that have been the case.)

There are countries with hotels where only officially married couples can sleep in one bed or even one room, I hope that Great Britain isn’t one of those countries yet.

In conclusion: I think you totally overreacted, and although this doesn’t justify any verbal abuse, I do understand that your guest reacted strongly.


I agree with everything GutHend said. Also the OP wrote "he became verging on abusive insisting I must have a ‘family policy’:. To me that isn’t abusive that is frustration having been obviously suspected of something untoward. I am 53 Australian and still refer to my 49 yo “little sister”. I never thought of it as strange until it was brought up in this post. Big brothers, little sisters et all seems pretty obvious what it means to me and she isn’t little. And for the record the last time I shared a bed with anyone in my family was 35 years ago on a yacht and I kept kicking my brothers head so it is not something he or I would do again. In fact a decade ago in Split we had a choice of sleeping in a double bed I had inadvertently booked instead of 2 singles or wandering around town in the dark till we found another room. We chose the latter option.


Thankyou all for your replies. I am quite overwhelmed with the variety of response and views from different places and I am sure from my point of view I made the right decision.

My Airbnb is on the south coast in what is maybe a too successful ‘party town’ and attracts a wide variety of people of all orientations/nationalities but is aimed at 1 couple or a single wanting a quiet retreat away from the club scene and other licentious distractions on offer. I deliberately weed out the party set and hens/staggers.

This one was just a complete departure from the usual. Again thanks for your views.

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