Broken window from crazy guests

I recently had some guests stay that we’re very difficult. They tried to cancel their trip on the last night of their stay because of an issue at home but they did it after check in hours. I didn’t seem it fair that they received a refund for that day because they stayed most of the day. Anyways the guests were angry with me and upon their checkout the texted me and told me the accidently broke a window in the house trying to let out a spider!!?!!! I’m not sure how much I should charge them and how the security deposit works? I’m pretty sure it’s going to cost more than my security deposit for the labor and purchase of a brand new window. Hellllppp!!!

Have a look at Airbnb’s Help

You need to make a claim within 14 days or before your next guest. Take photos and get quotes for repairs

You will need to contact the guest first to ask for costs to be covered. It will help that the guest admitted the damage.

You will need documentation ASAP to claim for the window. I would open a case with Air before you submit the claim so there is a record of what went on. Then I would try to get an estimate or an invoice (which they like to see), and failing that, a link to a new window plus labor to install (maybe call Home Depot if you are in the US?) and submit it right away. Take photos of the damage before you clean it up.

The more documentation you have the better. I hope the guests were using the messaging system to admit to the window damage.

Good luck!

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We just had to replace two (basement) windows and we used home depot. Not sure what the labor cost was, and this is NYC so everything is more expensive, but utt was about 1k/ window (including double lifetime warranty.)