Broken House Rules

I just started listing and have two guest booked already! My condo community has a strict car policy. I listed in my house rules the requirements: copy of DL, Car Registration and Car Insurance. The car also can not have any sun spots, rust notable huge dents or a beater car.

(seriously the HOA people are awful)

My concern is even though I listed this in the house rules, what if my guests failed to read those requirements and can’t get in when they arrive? Would act like a cancellation on the day of?

I would make sure when you confirm the booking you message guests and confirm the rules and the importance of them meeting the requirements if they are bringing a car to the premises.

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No offense, but that sounds like a horrible place to live.

What if your shoes aren’t freshly polished?
Are you allowed to change your hair color?
What about if someone shows up with a tattoo, will they be handcuffed & removed from the premises?



Say, if they are this nanny state about car parking, I can’t imagine they would love Airbnb guests! Are you sure Airbnb renting is allowed at your prison–I mean-- condo community?


I’m not arguing that they are most horrible. I did some research on general HOA’s and they can basically do whatever they please.

I tried to get a roommate and they kicked them out with no notice because they didn’t pass out thier background check. What me and my landlords say don’t matter.

I can have visitors up to 30 days. What the visitors do isn’t their concern. It’s actually 10 times easier and preferred then actually roommates.

Half the condo’s are vacation rentals.

I would think that as long as you are not on IB, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem to notify them about the vehicle rule.

You just need to send your guests an email or text labeled, “IMPORTANT!” or “Urgent”. Then spell out the rule about vehicles having those attributes are prohibited from entering the complex. Impress upon them that if they cannot enter for that reason, it is on them and no refund will be forthcoming. Make sure they acknowledge your message.

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You rent your place? You don’t own? Do your landlords know you are subletting?

Yeah my landlords know. They are cool.

Um, does your condo community have a car police that checks that a car conforms to the dress code before letting them in? Is it a gated community? Seriously, I thought I’d heard everything, but this is new. Do they have a dress code for humans as well?

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well thats weird… an easy fix would sound like maybe investing in a car cover, that way you wont deter future guests by mentioning the stupid rule on your listing and still discreetly disguise those ‘ugly’ guest vehicles.


Gated community with a guard gate to check people in.

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There is money to be made renting people with bangers a car during their stay. If some one does have a dented car, or a sun spot, where can they leave their car to drive in? Does this mean all landscape folks, maids, house cleaners, and maintenance folks need pristine vehicles as well? What happens if you mother has an older car that has been nicked along the side?

Sorry, all my neck hairs go up when I hear about stupid, and probably illegal, rules like this. In essence, this rule is stating “only if you have enough money to have a recent model car that is in perfect condition, can we let you in.”

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I’m a bit confused here. Visitors, fine, but people who pay?

Are they by-owner? Do you own your condo? If they kicked out your roommate it seems unlikely that they condone Airbnb.

I agree. There’s something a bit off about your story. You have told landlords specifically that you do Airbnb? That you are having paying customers come in and out of his house? Exposing him to liability and increased wear and tear?
Possibly getting his homeowners insurance canceled on the spot if they found out Airbnb was happening at his house? Are you sure he really knows? Or are you stretching the truth and telling him you are having visitors? Guests are not visitors or roommates. Guests are paying customers. I can’t imagine an HOA so concerned about the way cars look when they are parked is going to love Airbnb.

You have their signed, written consent?

And one last thought… If you “are” trying to sneak Airbnb through a gated community, the owners of your house are going to definitely find out eventually from the gate guards or neighbors.

Ever since I moved to the USA I’ve lived mostly in condos. Some have been rented but right now I own my condo. Nevertheless, own or rent, the condo association (or Homeowners’ Association) have absolute powers.

I really have a hard time imagining that a condo board that has such strict rules about cars (for goodness’ sake) allows Airbnb rentals.

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Yes my landlords know. Full approval. Also my community is considered a “resort vacation community” half of the condo’s are rented out for people coming in for vacations.

Fair enough.

If it is a high end vacation resort community, how on earth can they get away with dictating that a car can’t have a spot on it? They are getting guests from all over, I presume, and not every renting guest can drive a Benz, Beamer or Lexus.

@konacoconutz I bet most of them are renting a vehicle.

Depends on where she is! If it is somewhere exclusive like Palm Springs then a lot of guests will be driving in. If it’s Hawaii, then 100% of the vehicles will be rentals.