Broken A/C - looking for advice

I airbnb my home on the Chesapeake Bay. We have been having A/C issues for about a week - thought it was fixed and then it goes out again. The problem - we have guests coming in tomorrow and are not sure it will be fixed in time. I’m trying to figure out the best course of action…obviously, inform the guest, but then what? Offer that they can cancel for no fee? Offer a reduced rate (and, if so, how much reduction?) Any advice will be welcomed!!

I would get some fans in the room for the guests to use. The kind that are elevated on a pole work well for when sleeping. I would monitor the weather. If it is hot enough they would want AC, give them a discount for those days.

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This happened to us last year during triple digit weather. We offered to cancel but he decided to give it a try. We provided fans and a $25 gift card to a local sandwich shop. The guest left us 5 stars and came back for another visit.

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I LOVE the gift card idea!! Luckily, we have ceiling fans. Extra fans are a good idea, too!
Thank you!

Offer them a discount. Of course they will want the choice of Aircon. What about a mobile ac unit for the bedroom. Might be a useful standby anyway.