Brian Chesky answering Airbnb Global Hosts Q & A

Hey everybody!

I am an Argentinian living in Brasil, and a host since Dec. '14
and also absolutely a virgin in posting on Airbnb forums, but I think yours is probably the best I came across, and i mostly found people here being not only eloquent but also smart and well minded… besides being humorous, which i greatly appreciate!!

For that reason I was wondering if any of you have seen Brian Cheskys webinar answering, (I think skipping, applies better) the most voted questions some (10.000) guest posted.

And of course what did you feel?? and what do you think??

Thanks a lot for existing!

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This is the link to the webinar:

A lot of beating round the bush if you ask me.

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Just like all the talking heads on the news. Lots of air and little content.

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