Breakfast issue

Breakfast is part of what I supply. Choice of 7 ceraels, white and brown bread, yogurts, cheese, ham, and salami. Selection of 10 teas and 6 coffees. Jams, spreads, ie honey, peanut butter etc. Choice of 4 fruits, crackers and rice cakes and then brioche and croissant-chocolate and plain. Today there chocolate cake and almond cake. Oj and cranberry juive
Am not mean but today 2 guests ate/took almost everything , they left almost nothing for the other guest. They obviously took food with them as there was a clean bin. Bread and ceraels were left for guest number 3.
It has happened a few times over the summer but this pair this morning made me realise that either i cut back or leave a mesage like no take aways, please ensure you leave food for guests after you.
They arrived with 4 large suitcases, am now thinking, its all stashed with food they cleared out of homes.

Any suggestions how to phrase a note?

"Dear guests, please don’t take all the breakfast foods. The other guests eating after you are entitled to the same choices you were given. "

If possible I would put out far less, I would be in the kitchen when they had breakfast and then I would put out more for the next guest after they left for the day.


Do not Supply everything at once.

We have a buffet style breakfast. But we do not put everything put at once. Some Guests are like locusts, they eat everything they see, not because they are hungry but because it is there and it is free.


I second the prior posts. Quite a few B&B’s I have stayed at in the past have done this as well. Maybe put out initial portions and refill as new people come in.

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Put a note saying breakfast is only to be eaten in the dining room and not taken away. I found a custom maker of little painted wooden signs decorated with buttons on eBay.

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I must admit, if I stay in a hotel, I will try and load up on their food for the day, but most Airbs I’ve stayed at didn’t provide food in the a.m.

Other Guests Get Breakfast Too.


THIS! Same with toilet paper (but that’s a whole other conversation…)
You are far more generous with your breakfast items than I am, @cassid. Yet I also encounter guests every 6 months or so who devour everything. It does piss me off but then I balance it against all the other guests who didn’t eat anything.
Like others say, the solution does seem to be restrict the portions.
I used to have a bunch of bananas in the fruitbowl, now there are only two per day!

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There is a gap when i get the children ready and bring them to school
There is an hour that is unsupervised. I wonder if there is an equivalent of a scare crow but for humans. Could put it sitting at the top of the table
Thanks for the suggestions


LOL!! Just don’t put so much stuff out. Wouldn’t it be great, though, if there was some hidden gizmo that started squawking when guests take that extra slice/banana or whatever?


Eating toilet paper - more hungry Caterpillar than locust?


Creators are making " ladies" for private use. But if anybody knows the uk tv series only fools and horses. There was an episode with inflatable ladies, pure class( irish writer of course)

LOL!! Actually, eating the stuff must now go on the list of ‘WTF did they DO with it all??’ Some recent guests (just two of them) used three rolls of toilet paper in one day. Seriously. It didn’t go down the toilet because that amount would surely have blocked it. It wasn’t in any of the bins provided. I can’t believe they were stockpiling rolls to take with them - they weren’t backpackers off on a hiking holiday in the wilds or penniless students on a weekend budget break - they were quite sophisticated travellers doing a European tour. It is a mystery.

I think I might do an Airbnb re-work of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Thanks for the inspiration :wink:

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I remember I stayed in one small boutique family run hotel in Oregon and it’s the first time in my life I actually experiences when owners after offering buffet for breakfast on day 3 of our stay started giving individual portions.
I being curious me asked waitress why. She told me it’s because of one family who stayed there with 4 kids .She said they consume food good for 25 people and she was not exaggerating. Also she said they noticed that each kid grabs at least 2 fruits and couple of muffins when they leave breakfast room.
I had Belgium young very athletic you g guys who were my first Airbnb guests and that was first and last time I offered full breakfast.
You are lucky that your guests only stayed one day. My guys stayed a whole week. I don’t know who paid who . They ate that food all day and took it to work with them.
If it was me now I would definitely so something about it. But then I was shy.

Same with toilet papers. Some people go through them that it makes no sense. I actually had to stop supplying toilet paper for one guy who stayed with us for more than a month and stoped offering him free coffee after he was going through 6 rolls a week and pound of coffee a week.
Some people are just like that. With everything and everyone. They just don’t care and have no regard for others.
I had many examples of unexplainable wastefulness of many guests in my house like doing laundry every single day without exclusion and taking showers 3 times a day 20 minutes each,using 8 paper towels within 3 days and 16 towels for 2 people within 2 days.
One girl used all my clean sheets In a closet changing her bed every day without my knowledge so when she moved out after a week stay I had 7 full sets of sheets to wash . She even opened those who were still in packages .
It doesn’t happen anymore . All of it happens within my first year of hosting.
I have a rule of 2 loads per week laundry and the crazy things with toilet paper ,showers,laundry and changing sheets just never occurred since then.
As far as breakfast goes why don’t you put items in separate plates and cover with plastic and put in a fridge . I saw many hosts do it.
Like one egg, toast with a bit of jam and butter, slice of cheese ham,one fruit. I can’t imagine someone would dare take any extra food .

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It’s a shame for geedy guests to spoil it for everyone else.
As per forum jinx I just had to remind a guest the milk I supply in the guest fridge is for breakfast. I would have been fine with a cup of tea of course but this was drinking a large glass of it. Too much risk of none being left for the morning and unnecessary. If you have a milk drinking habit buy some.

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I love that! Live locusts. I spit my coffee out at my computer screen!

Good Lord. What pigs. And what a lovely buffet.

I’d let guests know ahead of time. And reiterate in a note at the buffet. Like I used to tell my kids when we dined at friends’ houses “do the math” - e.g. if there are 12 pieces of chicken, and 6 people, how many pieces of chicken do you think you should take?.

In your welcome (if you greet people personally) I’d let them know that there are X many other guests here, and the breakfast buffet is to be shared amongst all X number of people. And in the note, politely say that food must be consumed in the breakfast area and not taken to your rooms. Something like that.

But I do like the comment about not putting everything out at once. That means someone has to be there to replenish when the time comes. And it still begs the question, would the guests STILL take all the food, leaving nothing for the other guests, even if the other guests are still there?

How rude can people really be?

New, about to be first time, host here. I will definitely use the “2 loads of laundry per week” idea. I will not be doing breakfast, since my guests have a private kitchen. I will supply starter portions of coffee, teas, sweeteners, and "creamers. Also salt and pepper grinders, cooking oil, and some herbs. I may also supply something like “Ooddles of Noodles” in case someone arrives late, cannot get to a store, or is under the weather (sick) and needs comfort food. I will definitely lock up the toilet paper !

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Wow horrifying behavior