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Brand new host with a few questions!


Newbie here!

We just had a couple arrive who had booked for 6 nights. Should I offer to change the sheets and towels after the 3rd night?

Also what do you do about food - how much is appropriate to leave when they stay for a week?

Thanks so much for any replies,


hi, i don’t change my own sheets and towels every three days so i would not offer that to a guest. I would however leave an extra set of sheets and towels for guests who book for more than 10 days so they have the option to change the sheets and/or use new towels. for longer stays they can also use the washer/dryer on site at their own expense. there is a luandry mat that provides wash and fold service 2 blocks away at .99 cents a pound.


When people are staying for long periods of time, I leave extra towels, wash clothes in closet, and tell them to let me know when they would like me to launder the sheets.


Hello, Judy. Agree with other responses here RE the sheets. Also, RE breakfast, there is a whole thread about this that i recommend reading. Hosts have very different styles concerning breakfast depending on their locations and circumstances. The genera rule is, don’t say breakfast is included…it’s just a bad idea on so many levels. That said, having coffee/tea and some bread or lights snacks on hand to offer tends to be a pleasant surprise for guests and makes them happy. Check out the breakfast thread for more details.


Thanks everyone for your input.
I did ask them this morning about changing the sheets but they are totally fine with using these for a week. She also gave back a carton of milk which they would not use. I appreciated that thoughtful gesture.
I will check out that breakfast thread.
Thanks so much!


Provide enough fresh towels, I would say four each should be plenty, or give two each to begin and provide another two each mid way. Personally, this is a home stay not a hotel, so sheet changes should be more along the lines of what you would do a home. Most people change sheets weekly, so I wouldn’t feel the need to change the bed during a six day stay. I find most people prefer room privacy rather than having the host go into the room while they are there, so I think you’ll find this works works in your favor with guests requiring less in the way of room services. You can always ask, but I would almost guarantee the answer will be that ‘the room/bed is fine thanks, towels would be great’ (if you had only started with a couple each). Personally I provide everything I think they will need so that I don’t need to bother them too much.

Whoops wrote this way earlier but before I could hit send, the whole thread had filled up!


If they are here two weeks or longer I offer a free change of sheets and towels in between. Many don’t ask though, and refuse even when I offer. Three days is too soon. You are not a hotel!! If they want daily room servicing, let them book the Marriott. :slight_smile:

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