Booking with inexperienced host like pulling teeth!

Just venting. I will pen a more eloquent update on the inlaws soon…:wink:

Long story short…I just received a booking for November that I couldn’t turn down. My inlaws have been staying in our Airbnb suite and are expected to until the end of the month.
The new booking is Nov 1.
NO, for some reason they aren’t leaving until the 2nd or 3rd. Unbeknownst to me.

Problem solving hat on.
I will rent them a comparably priced air suite in the area. The suite has to have particular amenities and be completely mobility accessible.

Yes, I

After a big long fight with my partner, searching and making various Air hosts to see if they can accommodate, I found the perfect place…12 mins drive and everything they could need.

After whipping out my credit card so fast and slapping the total on there so fast that my head spun (Yes, I paid for it. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT), a sense of relief takes over as it’s done and dusted as far as I’m concerned.

Ahhhhhh…I will be dealing with a fellow host that feels my pain and it will be like summertime and the livin’ is easy…

NOT SO FAST, says the Universe.

I write to the host confirming that the suite is in back of house and ask if there a lock box or keypad.

In my opinion, this is a simple as pie discourse. I think to myself “well I would have sent my checkin/welcome notice/link to the manual over by now” but stop judging, you jerk! She is taking your inlaws into her house and off your hands!!!

We proceed to engage in the most painful, time-wasting dialogue ever where I ask her a relevant question (remember, I am a host too! I have whinged and commiserated with all of you around guests not reading the listing so there I sit, patting myself on the back with a tiny imaginary hand, all smug-lipped and righteous)…

I then note that the only thing contained in the manual or offering any instruction on check-in whatsoever is “do not turn light off as it’s the motion sensor light in case guest come home late” and then under instructions for check in…"Instructions are visible ".

Hmmmmmm. What the wha???!!

At this point, I have already long since surmised that English is this womans 2nd language. And I am understanding as it can be very difficult to convey basic concepts when writing rather than speaking. Ok, no worries (mutters “I knew a Tagalog course would have been handy! Curses!”).

But I say (to myself…I find myself a great conversationalist)
"Way to go! You’re doing this new host a big favour!(with only 10 reviews and a learning curve exemplified throughout the reviews, I feel an almost religious, grandiose, guru -esque responsibility to this young AIR Jedi.).

Smug smile and condescending hubris back on! “You really are a good person, you know, helping a new host like this…”
"Thanks, I know " I say, in all modesty.
Little hand darts out. Patpat.

What follows is the most painful exchange of information. Think "Who’s on First " but lacking humour or joy.
I ask my relevant questions…I have only 2.
Where on driveway should we park and where do we get self check in (lockbox or keypad code ) instructions?

First response:
Ok. See you soon
On the driveway
Suite is at back

Now, understandably, you think…“lay off this newbie. Why are you badgering her enough to illicit 5 separate replies?!! We are embarrassed to think of you as a fellow host” (you all collectively make a tsk tsk sound).

What possible questions could you be asking, for the love of God!!!

I omitted my role in the convo because all I did was ask those initial questions in several alternate ways.

I wanted to reach through the screen and shake her!!!
Rant over. To be continued

Thanks for listening!

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I’m in the USA. My dear friend Maria’s first language is Tagalog. And I’m embarrassed to say, her correct English skills are better than mine. She is a kind & giving person (She’s a nurse too). Can we do a conference call to help?

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Does the listing say self checking in?
It doesn’t matter if the host speaks perfect English. What I can see here is lack of enthusiasm from.her/ him.about the whole thing .
And the ? Instead of answer would piss me off for sure. This is just rude.

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Hmhm … all that you are missing now, is that your host figures out that it is a third party booking …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I calculate how many third party bookings I accepted it won’t be less than 50. All of them were great but one. I get a lot of 3rd party bookers as a company books for their workers or insurance companies for temporary relocations.

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I had a few myself …I have IB, am on, offer flexible check in …
but, Yana, you read the recent discussion about it …


No I missed it. Which post?

Bahahaha! I thought the exact same thing! But her reviews tell me that she doesn’t have an issue with it as there are previous guests who also did so successfully.

And being a fellow host…I think more leniency is a common courtesy.

She still has not answered me so I will give her until morning.

Incidentally, I just realized that my November is also one…HR arranging for one employee.
I have allowed them all approximately 10 times its come up for me. Only 1 have I turned down and advised them to open up their own account. My intuition must be deadly as they cancelled the 2nd night and demanded refund!

(Told them I would if I rebooked minus cleaning fee as well…Werent happy and went to Air but Air sided with me and told them I wasnt required to refund them *anything * if I didn’t want and by refunding them for nights not spent was generous)

That is so very sweet an offer! But not necessary…I think we can basically communicate. And she will have to learn to fulfill the guests inquiries or discuss needs sometime, nomatter what the language is.
I think it’s her inexperience that is getting in her way, for the most part!
TX though! :slight_smile:

Yep. It does but contains no instructions how to do so.

UPDATE: She (or someone else in the household) got back to me and relayed the info with no issues at all and then offered to let my inlaws view it to deem it suitable at their earliest convenience seeing as I am local (no prompting whatsoever on my part) People are just the weirdest creatures, aren’t they?


That is great news then … and for the offer of a prior peak at it … I think there are a few posts on here where booked guests wanted to sneak a glimpse and they nearly got crucified for wanting too …

Not me, because the earlier as a host I know if the listing really fits my guest’s needs, the better.