Booking says 1, 4 people coming

I have a guest coming in March, yesterday I just noticed that when he booked it was for 1 person, but he did tell me that 4 people would be coming. I even have the names of the other 3 travellers. It doesn’t cost extra, one person, 4 people, it doesn’t matter.
I just want to know whether I need to change it or I can leave it this way. Eg will it affect anything if I have to make a claim through Airbnb if something bad happens?

Do you charge extra for more people??

No. The cost is always the same.

Shouldn’t be an issue then… unless of course you didn’t collect a deposit from the booking.

The only thing I am worried about is making a claim if they are naughty or smash something. I wanted to make sure that air can’t say no to my claim because the amt of people in the booking number is different to the amt of people actually staying.

well you can only claim on things like that if you collected a deposit from them when they booked…

Yes, I always ask for $300 deposit.
So it doesn’t seem like I need to change the booking to reflect the 4 people that are coming

Better be safe than sorry so if I were you I would send a booking modification for 4 guests.

You can still modify the reservation to reflect the correct number of guests for this booking (no change on the cost), so that your insurance, and Airbnb host guarantee will cover the booking if anything happens.


4 people shower, turn on lights, open doors…use more electricity and water. And you don’t charge for that?

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I expect 4 people. I charge for four people. Maybe I should consider trying to encourage less people by making it cheaper for 2

I agree with others - just modify the reservation - it’s no difference to the guest, but it clarifies the situation for airbnb if something does happen.

And if you don’t want to charge per number of people, that’s totally cool. I charge the same price for 3 as it’s one room, but for 4-5 they get a second bedroom so I charge $15 per person for more than 3. It’s all what works for you.

I once had a couple coming for the weekend. I went to clean and saw there were 7 people in the place, and it was filled with beer bottles. Airbnb’s Resolution center worked really well for getting fees for a broken table, extra cleaning and late check-out.

I asked Airbnb about the additional persons and they said I need to add a price for additional guests if I want to be able to charge that. So after that I have $10/night for each guest after 2.

Hey booking, do you mean if I have my max set as 4 and they bring extra people I still need to have an extra people cost to be able to claim?
I am putting extra people after 4 as $100 per person if that’s the case.
Good info, thanks

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