Booking request with minimal info on the potential guest

Hi, we are fairly new to the vacation rental business, started May of this year. Things have gone great so far and we’ve have had several awesome guests booked through AirBnb. Most of our guests have booked via another platform which provides more info about guests pre-booking. Since we are not a superhost or allow instant book AirBnb only provides minimal info. I’ve had an inquiry for 6 nights in July and the potential guest asked if we give a discount for a week-long booking.

I don’t have an issue with the question about a discount - it seems some hosts do offer a discount for a week, but I can only see the person first hame, no picture and she just joined AirBnb this month. I’m trying to determine if I should be suspicious of this inquiry - any thoughts are appreciated!

Thanks! Amy

I will follow up with “what brings you to XYZ city”. Who is be in your traveling party?”

You could also indicate if you do or do not offer week long discounts .

Why are you even considering giving this guest a discount? Surely, if its not already on the listing, then its not on offer. Never ever let the guest think they are running the show.


They are probably sending our multiple messages like the one you got, hence the inquiry and not a request to book. I always say have your antennae up but no reason to be suspicious, just engage in the conversation and see what you get back. You don’t have to accept an inquiry, just let it expire. You only have to accept or decline a request to book. We’ve had some great guests who didn’t provide much in advance, but since we are onsite hosts, we have an advantage in that there’s no hiding bad behaviour. You don’t say if you are on site or not, but if you are not, read the threads about a “trust but verify” approach – have cameras to monitor the exterior.

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I never give a discount for any reason. Like us the way we are – or stay elsewhere. We know we’re offering the best STR deal within at least a hundred miles.

Inquiries are like casting for fish – you throw out a bunch of times hoping for some sucker to take your bait. Don’t be the sucker.


I would add that their travels are contingent on a decent place to stay. There is no negotiating that necessity. They have probably already looked at the alternatives. Now they’re just pushing it. Some of them still want to book after “no” at my price. But honestly we aren’t on the same page about a stay here.

No. Thank you.

As some of the other answers have pointed out, ask them a couple of questions. You can tell a lot about the way a person communicates. Trust your gut! Just because a guest has joined recently doesn’t mean that they’ll be a problem guest.

I am on IB and that works great for me. I occasionally get someone making a direct enquiry that usually involves asking for a bigger discount than the one already listed (1 free night in 7). None of them ever replies let alone books when I tell them there is no further discount and to use IB if they wish to book. Chancers.

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