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Booking request from rude guests


Do you guys get a lot of guests who are just plain rude about rules you have in place or refundable deposits? For instance property is nonsmoking indoors and outdoors. Having a guest say she plans in just smoking outdoors and then pulls a “hells no lol” to a refundable security deposit,


nope, never had a guest outright refuse to follow rules. I dont have a security deposit so never had to deal with it.

Decline and hope another guest books


Decline on the grounds of her telling you she is not prepared to respect your HR of no smoking, in or out. I don’t do security deposits, so can’t comment on that bit.


No. I’ve hosted almost 400 guests and I’ve only had two or three who I’d say were pushy about the listing. Rude wouldn’t be the right word they were just more assertive about their needs than I thought they had a right to be. LOL.

As for refundable deposit are you referring to the airbnb “deposit” or a separate one you have with your own rental agreement?


This one is for homeaway. It’s a full townhome so no shared spaces. I’m happy to see this isn’t the norm.


I hope you have cameras on the exterior of your property. Many hosts have problems with smokers. They book a non smoking property but then smoke outside or even in the bathroom, blowing smoke out a window or into the exhaust vent, not realizing or perhaps not caring that it will still stink.


“hells no lol” to her getting in the door


Decline and move on. Who needs the headache?


Some business is simply not worth having.


My rules say that guests can only smoke outside at my place. But I realise that for some that means standing in an open doorway while they smoke is technically okay even though the smoke comes indoors. So I have added “no smoking while standing or sitting in open doorways”. Things have improved.


I’ve seen many listings that say no smoking on the property or xx feet from door. Depending on the neighborhood having guests standing on the sidewalk 20 feet from the house smoking probably doesn’t leave a good impression on the neighbors.


Yes I understand that even in Australia, which is usually a bit behind on these things, there are apartment buildings where people can not smoke on the balcony. Fortunately both my neighbours smoke (outside only) and I smoke occasionally upstairs. Overlooking the bay out the front seems like a pleasant option but not so much in Winter when there is a storm blowing in at night. I tell guest they can smoke out the back door, away from the prevailing winds, but two of my chickens roost right there. I know they smoke there because some leave the back porch light on and I have to text them to turn it off or they’ll keep the animals awake and the chooks won’t lay. I explain to the chickens that they guests keeps us all in quality, organic chook food.

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