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Booking request blocking my calendar

I just got a booking request for 3 nights covering the next weekend. I think it is a fake account created by an extremely impolite guested that i declined earlier today. I made the original vetting question and he doesn’t reply. The problem is my calendar is blocked for the dates (I must accept or decline this request withing 24hours). I would like to see his reply to see if that’s really the same person before declining. Do booking requests block the calendar before being accepted?

A request will. A basic inquiry won’t.


I didn’t think the calendar would be blocked until the actual booking was complete. Are you on IB, Vera? I would give air a call to find out what’s happening. You can’t afford to have those dates blocked.

Even before accepting the request?

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@dcmooney yes, i am on IB, but only for guests recommended by other hosts, so this person couldn’t book with me as it is a new profile with no review, so he sent a booking request instead.

Then call airbnb. I’ve had to do that twice recently and they were happy to unblock the calendar.

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I will call them and see of they will help me

Just talked to them, it is like @felixcat says, once a booking come thru it will block the dates until I decline it or until it expires…ugh

Yeah. At the point of a booking request, the guest has already authorized a charge on their credit card. If you accept, the transaction is processed. If not, then they must move on to another property. So, it’s a delicate period for them.

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Just decline and say you can’t accept because they haven’t answered your questions. If they really want your place they can answer the questions and request again.


It makes sense. I just don’t know if accept or decline. The booking is for check in on Thursday and check out on Sunday. Today is already Tuesday night here. So I only have until tomorrow to book it to someone else. His picture is creepy. And I sent the question at the same second he made the request. No reply and it is the same dates as a terrible guest booming request a had today and declined . don’t know what to do

Thank you!!! I. Will write it to them now. It is too close to the booking date to be waiting with blocked calendar.

You could even set a time limit on your message. I’m making plans for such and such dates, and will need to know by (fill in a time).

Great! Writing to him now. I am fully booked always since I started, taipei is very popular destination in asia, no empty night. So I will decline with no regrets.

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Remember you are in charge here! Decline for any reason! You don’t have to tell them why!


So a booking request WILL block my calendar? I’ve had a couple of vinos while trying to figure out if it’s my imagination that my listing is blocked because of this week long request.

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