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Booking Inquiry that are Spam

I received a Booking Inquiry last night that turned out to be spam (see note below). I declined the booking request. Is there a way to report the user as Spamming hosts?

Hi Jessica,

I'm reaching out because I'm wrapping up final plans for a long-awaited site that will help you use the extra space in your home to store other people's things... and make you money on your space all the time!

I'd really appreciate your help, because we need to make sure we're covering everything before we finalize it. You can give feedback (and get a little more detail) just by replying, and we'll be happy to give you access before everyone else! There's really only 2 things we want to ask you:

1. How much would you need to be paid to host 4 medium-size boxes for a month? What if there were 16? 
2. What are the top 2 concerns you need us to take care of before you will host those boxes (or any other stuff)?

Thanks so much for your time, 

Huh? That is totally weird. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had my coffee yet, but I cannot get my head around what they are even trying to do. I would definitely share the account name with AirBnB support and label it as urgent, so they can shut it down before he bothers to many other hosts. It goes without saying, but you did the right thing by declining without a message.

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I know it’s such an odd message. I got it late at night - so I kept thinking I was reading it wrong. Anyway, I contacted AirBnB and they said to report the user (I wasn’t aware that there was a flag right on the user profile page - so lesson learned for me).

I just hope that having to decline a request doesn’t negatively hurt my “accepted” statistics - that would be an unfair outcome from spam.

That is just plain bizarre! Host boxes? It’s gotta be a scam.

I just had what I thought was a potential booking for Jan, 2 days. When I checked, they were asking me to send them my address, so they could send information to me. Funny thing is the bar / restaurant they are saying they are from, I know very well!! I find it very bizarre! if i decline booking, does that go against me, isnt that correct???

I would have reported them the moment they used the dreaded phrase “reaching out”. :nerd_face:

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