Booking for three people for a listing with a listed maximum of 2 people

Hi folks,

My rental (, has a listed maximum of 2 people.

I just had a inquiry for three people to stay. I’ve had (very) occasional requests for more than 2 people before. I think I’ve turned them all down till now. There is no saying whether the person in question will actually book, of course, but this inquiry seems reasonable. I did warn her that the space is small and so forth, but she said they are ok with it. And the inquiry is only two days. Note: the room is approximately 12 ft by 12 ft, and the bed is 6 ft by 7 ft.

So, I was wondering, is there a way to make a booking for 3 people for a listing that has only a maximum of two listed without actually changing the listed maximum?

I checked, and the Special Offer template doesn’t offer an option to override the 2 guest maximum.

I suppose I could give a special offer with extra charges for three people, but listing 2, but I’d really prefer an accurate count, just on general principles. And if anything were to go wrong, Airbnb would probably use an incorrect count as an excuse not to help.

Hi Faheem, nice to see you here, well read you here!
Just change your listing to 3 guests, send a special offer to the guests who are inquiring and if they accept, run, don’t walk and change it back to 2 people. In your special offer you can add an extra charge for the third person as I did. It worked out fine for us. We’ve done this only 2 times in 8 years but both were fine. :innocent:


Hi @Maggieroni,

I guess I haven’t been here much recently. Nice to “see” you too.

To be clear, I need to keep my listing setting to 3 people while the special offer is open? I can’t make the special offer, and immediately revert back to a 2 person maximum?

Ok so now you are challenging my brain (which you are good at lol). As I recall, I changed it back immediately after I sent the special offer and it worked just fine. You don’t have to wait until the special offer is accepted or expires.
However, I reserve the right to counsel :star_struck:
Love ya Faheem

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Thanks, @Maggieroni. I’ll give it a whirl, and report back how it went. I couldn’t find any other threads on this topic, but it seems unlikely I’m the only one who has ever needed to do this.

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Occasionally when I have allowed more than my maximum I tell them to pay in cash when they arrive and exactly how much it will be eg “So as agreed that’s 2 extra people (over 4) staying for 3 nights at $30pppn = $180 which you will pay me in cash on arrival”. I don’t think AirBnB cares as you are still booking your maximum.

Thanks for the feedback, @JamJerrupSunset.

I think it can be a problem to get people to pay. It’s much easier if Airbnb handles it. And it’s unclear whether Airbnb would care - I can certainly see them using it as a excuse not to intervene in case of problems.

I sent the prospective guest a message asking them some questions before sending a Special Offer. She didn’t reply, so I’m guessing that won’t happen. But then, for me at least, most inquiries don’t happen. There is a 10% or less conversion rate.

Actually, it’s been an odd weekend. 5 inquiries, including some quite odd requests, and no bookings. Almost every inquiry ignored the stated parameters of Airbnb and the listing.

Oh boy yes! We just had some guests referred by a neighbor and they asked to pay directly and not book through Airbnb and at the last minute at checkout asked if we take credit cards. Duh, no. Well they paid in cash but did ask to come back after checkout to pick up their luggage. Uh, no we are going out. I let them keep their car on the driveway and suggested they put their luggage in the car and they did. Current guest of a neighbor booked through Airbnb and it’s going perfectly! She actually read all the rules and has been a doll! She’s even extended by one night!

Yes, it’s lovely to hear Faheems’ voice once more. A voice of reason. I have friends of a neighbour , with other friends who have booked 3 nights at the end of July directly. They paid the full amount up front in May!

You have to set your own rules of course. I haven’t found a problem with people paying extra in cash, usually because it is a late extra guest staying for say just 1 night in a 3 night stay and you can’t change the booking for that.

I have regular guests who pay cash. Sorry Mr Taxman but I don’t think I am your problem. It is quite relaxing as (a) they are a known quantity and (b) no review afterwards. One regular who gave me 4 stars for cleanliness first time she booked on AirBnB (and probably wanted to give me a 3) even gives the place a bit of a deep clean when she is here so win-win as I am sure she enjoys it :innocent:

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