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Booking doesn't turn up


We had a three night booking and it is now night two and no one has turned up. I emailed them upon booking with the directions and then again to remind them to let us know when they will arrive. They were new to airbnb with no email or phone number.

Just wondering what to do? We have been booked out recently and would have had another booking I’m sure. This has happened once before but only for one night.


Not your problem! Enjoy the money they paid and let it go.



Thanks for that. Easy money and no cleaning. Win/win!


Should I leave a review? What should I say?


The reservation ended and you didn’t hear a thing from them? Did you try writing to ask what happened? They should have at least had the courtesy to tell you they couldn’t make it. You wouldn’t need to do that at a hotel but of course, this is no hotel. I probably would be inclined not to review. Just let it go.


Airbnb are now asking me to refund the money as they didn’t know they had actually booked it, yet they know how to contact airbnb to complain. I had another enquiry from stayz at the same time which I didn’t accept as I had accepted the airbnb booking. If I refund I am out of pocket for their mistake.


simply give them the confirmation number you got for the booking, and be done with it.


This is 100% Airbnb’s issue between them and the guest. You received the booking and you kept your end of the deal by having a place available for them to stay. If Airbnb’s messaging system was not working or going to the guest’s spam folder, then Airbnb can choose to eat the cost and refund.


It happened to me also onnFriday night. They booked for 1 day and even called. I asked them what time they will be arriving, they said they don’t know. It was already 9 pm. I told them that I am not waiting in person past midnight, and gave the code for the door. They never showed up. I will see if they will ask me for refund.


Thanks for all your replies. I agree airbnb should refund as I had the place available for the booking.


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