Hello all,

We listed our place on BDC in April, as a means to continue business and hosting workers. This has now transitioned to general guests. Their site has worked well for us to attract guests throughout this period, as well as allowing us to nab returning guests for direct bookings.

We’ve always been paid ‘in time’ by BDC, well within their 10 day window. However, recently an unusual payment message about processing was highlighted on our extranet. This has resulted in payments for two reservations outstanding; one is on day 14 and the other was 10 days today. The payment is still ‘being processed’. It’s suggesting the next payout is still 6 days away, by which time a third payment will be late.

Is this typical of BDC and/or is anyone else having these issues? I was wondering if was an indication of a wider issue, such as their cash flow.

It happens sporadically, we had it with one particular apartment last year.

Our solution was to call CS, here in Spain it’s nigh on impossible to get through to accounts, and get them to chase it. Took a couple of calls and problem was sorted. You may have better luck with UK accounts so it’s worth a call.


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Thanks @JohnF, I have called CS and they’ve allegedly been in contact via their credit/accounts team. I’ll press the accounts team via email I think, getting through to them via the phone is very difficult (it hung up after an hour of waiting).

I received the money today, so the promoting seems to have worked.